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Baila Hosts HH, Modiin Signage and Images of 2009

modi'in signs
Follow the Signs to Baila's House

Baila (who lives in Modi’in) hosted Haveil Havalim, the Jewish blog carnival: the Welcome 2010 and Israeli Bloggers’ Edition.

I started working on a post of favorite images of 2009 – if you have a similar one, I would be happy to link to it later this week. I would like to do favorite recipes of 2009, also; but first, let me see if I can finish the images post. I am up to May 2009.

Ilana-Davita says

Favorite images of 2009 is a fine idea. I'd have to limit myself to make sure the post isn't too long.

Jew Wishes says

Yes, favorite images is a great idea.

Favorite books was done by Ilana. Favorite films could be another.

Baila says

Can't believe I missed this. Thanks for the link!


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