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What do you think of when you see a cow? Or a drawing of a cow? Much thanks to Peter Paul Rubens for his help with the drawing.

My original reason for drawing a cow was a I had a chance to read the parsha of Miketz (Torah portion) last week that was read today in the synagogue.

Your turn.

12 thoughts on “Cow – Free Associate

  • When I see a cow in a field I think “milk”. When I see a drawing with a black and white cow I think of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or a French brand which sells yogurts “michel et augustin”. When I see a cow like yours I think of 18th/19th century realistic paintings of country scenes.

  • Cow is always connected with milk chocolate for me. When Bulgaria was a communist country and I was a kid there was a cow on the picture of the cover of the milk chocolate – there were may be 3 or 4 brands of chocolate – not many as on the West. The one with the cow was the best and not available for all people – my dad used to bring us the cow chocolate after a trip to the capital where they had more products.

    • Interesting, because my kids’ favorite brand of chocolate is from Israel and has a cow on it. I wonder if the founders of that chocolate factory came from Bulgaria or nearby… But it’s not the best chocolate.

      • I doubt it. It was a very low quality picture – not like the fancy Swiss chocolates with picture perfect cows – that they put white flour on the spots of the cow to make sure they come out perfect. I remember 3 kinds of chocolate as a kid – one was kind of like the cooking one here – it had a fairy-tale fox and porcupine on the cover. The second was the cow milk chocolate and the last was the aero LZ chocolate (LZ was how they use to write Bulgarian airlines at airports)- I really liked the aero with the air bubbles.It had airplane on the cover. All those disappeared and we have the western brands.

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