Favorite Ruby Tuesdays of 2009

Ruby Tuesday

I decided to pick some of my favorite Ruby Tuesday posts to feature in this last Ruby Tuesday of 2009. Click on any of the photos below or the link underneath to revisit the 2009 post.


snow girl
Snowgirl, January 2009, built by two offspring of mine and a friend
Ruby Tuesday with a Heart

circus elephants
Barnum Bailey Ringling Brothers Circus in New York City
Ruby Tuesday at the Circus
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam at Israel Day Parade
Ruby Tuesday Red White and Blue

farm chickens
Chickens at Howell Living History Farm in Mercer County, New Jersey
Ruby Tuesday at Howell Farm
Joseph Hall Home
One of the Houses of Cape May, New Jersey
Reds of Cape May

Voting at Allaire Historical Village
Allaire State Park - Re-enactment of vote of 1836
Should Women Vote?

Belle the Therapy Dog
Belle the Therapy Dog Helps Children Learn to Read
Belle the Therapy Dog

dragon at the Highland Park Public Library
Dragon hanging at the Highland Park Public Library
Dragon of Highland Park

It wasn’t easy to choose. Clearly, I had a fun year putting up posts for Ruby Tuesday.

I am working on a post of Favorite Images of 2009. If you have a post of favorite images, if you leave the link in the comments, I will include in a post later this week.

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