First Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

First Thanksgiving Dinner According to My Daughter
First Thanksgiving Dinner According to My Daughter

Many of you got the drawing right: yes, this is a depiction by my daughter of the Pilgrims arriving in America on the Mayflower. Above is her rendition of the thanksgiving dinner.

This was what was written above the drawing of the ship:
Note the spelling with a hyphen: G-d.

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13 thoughts on “First Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

    • Looks like the grey is pencil and the blue is pen. She must have added the blue later – maybe she started it in school and finished it at home.

  • I assume that she got the words – and the spelling – from the teacher?

    On a related note, I find it, um, interesting that it’s still PC to call Plymouth a “settlement”…

    • Yes, the teacher gave this to all the students. I was wondering if putting a hyphen in the middle of God is just a Jewish thing…I suppose it is!

      “settlement” – how politics corrupts language…

  • I like the smiles! Why is G-d written that way? At first I thought it was a political correct way for a public school to go around religious theme? I understand I am wrong.
    Lots of people on the feast! I like the feathers on the natives. People are hard to draw – your daughter is very good at it.

    • Ellie, I should explain. My kids go to Jewish Day School. Some Orthodox Jews prefer not to write the name of God, so they take out the “o.” The fact that it was spelled G-d probably meant a teacher at the school wrote this (and it wasn’t standard text).

      Rav Soloveitchik, who was a well-respected Orthodox rabbi in the 20th century (and the founder of my elementary and high school), said there is no problem in writing God. There is a commandment not to say the name of God in vain, but God isn’t really God’s name.

      Does that explain this a little?

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