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JPIX: Fall Holidays Edition

Welcome to JPIX, the blog carnival of Jewish photo bloggers. Click on any of the thumbnails to visit the posts.


Mother in Israel showed hikes; Ilana-Davita featured a synagogue window:
child climbing anemone synagogue

Leah Lipszyc:
 saying kaddish girls with plant and blue benches

shuk fruit sky greenery in Israel

Pesky Settler (two on the left) and Dina in Jerusalem (chanukiah on the right):
criminal building food at chanukah   

Rav watching sledders dreidels and menorahs Rosh Hashana

Mrs. S.:
Caesarea chanukah lights dreidels

Seraphic Secret, Imabima, Lady-Light and Real Shaliach:
tiles Chanukah candles  child in the air at a wedding

Robin (who has just opened an Etsy shop – visit her blog for details):
olive tree sunrise olive press

Lighting Candles on Second Night of Hanukkah ladder_jacob drawing_concentrating

And some more (by Leora, Mottel and Robin):
warped_candles bee flower

To participate in a future JPIX blog carnival please send in your links to favorite photos by February 24. You may also send them to jpixcarnival at gmail dot com. Pesky Settler will be hosting a JPIX on February 25. Thanks for volunteering.

mother in isarel says

Thank you! I especially liked, well, I liked them all!

G6 says

I love how you set this up.
Thanks for the links and all your hard work.
It looks wonderful!

Robin from Israel says

Beautiful job on the carnival Leora, thank you! It must have been a lot of work.

Ilana-Davita says

I have edited the link on my blog. Thank you for the hard work Leora.

mottel says

Great job! Thanks for putting in so many of my shots!

Jew Wishes says

What a wonderful job you did on this, Leora.

I love the diversity of the visuals that are displayed.

Batya says
Mrs. S. says

Gorgeous pictures! As always, you did a truly amazing job. Kol hakavod to you, and thanks for including me.

Baila says

Great job, Leora, as always...

Lady-Light says

Thank you, Leora--I didn't remember JPIX, and didn't know where to send it. Thank you so much for submitting my Shabbat Chanukah table.
All the pictures are just beautiful!
(Please email me with the submission info for the next JPIX closer to the deadline, ok?)

Leora says

You can check my blog on Fridays; in February, I will have reminders about JPIX.

Leora says

Thanks to everyone who participated, and to everyone who left a comment. Much appreciated.

phyllis says

this is great. and thanks for including me :-)

frumhouse says

Great job! Wonderful pictures...

Leora says

Nice to hear from you! I was hoping you'd pop in and say hello.


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