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Review with Snow

snowy trees in Highland Park
Snowy Trees on North Eighth Avenue in Highland Park

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Bald cypress leaf on the white snow andromeda shrub with snow bud

On “Websites for Small Biz” blog, Twitter Landing Pages was my most popular post of 2009.

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Question: can you name any famous scenes of father blessing a child? In history or literature?

Ilana-Davita says

You are early this week and I am late. Thank you for linking to my historical post. Happy new (secular) year to you!

James says

Thanks for the link, Leora. Have a great weekend!

Jew Wishes says

What a lovely snow photo. The trees seem to reaching out for warmth.

Ellie says

My boys are asking for snow, but we did not have it this year yet! Happy New Year! Health and happiness!

Batya says

Lovely picture
It has been very warm here. My father is amazed.

Mrs. S. says

The autumn foliage and real winter are the two things I miss most from the States - although, surprisingly, I don't really mind that we no longer have to worry about raking leaves or shoveling snow... :-)

Shavua tov!

ramblingwoods says

That is really interesting...might be the only good thing about snow..unless you ski....Michelle

Carver says

I love the winter scene here.


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