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Review with Stained Glass Menorah

Stained Glass Detail at Congregation Ohr Torah, Edison, New Jersey
Stained Glass Detail at Congregation Ohr Torah, Edison, New Jersey

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doughnuts_challah Lighting Candles on Second Night of Hanukkah hand_shadow
I had plans to draw a cow and put it on my blog (like when I did the sheep), but this never happened. Can anyone guess why I wanted to put up a cow?

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Carver says

That's beautiful stained glass.

Ilana-Davita says

Nice choice of pic for the last day of Chanukah. Thank you for the shout out.

Jew Wishes says

Such a beautiful photo of the stained glass.

Thank you for the link.

Mrs. S. says

Shavua tov, and thanks for the link.
We just got back from a wonderful long weekend up North. I hope to post about our trip soon.

I love your dreidel picture and also the cool warp effect picture! Have a great week!

Louis la Vache says

Uh, «Louis» guesses that you wanted to draw a cow in order to make him, vache that he is, happy! :-)

Leora says

Louis, I am glad you actually read what I wrote! Maybe I will go downstairs and draw the cow in your honor.

Batya says

You're invited to participate in the Your Best Chanukah Picture of The Holiday! meme. It would be good for jpix, nu?

ramblingwoods says

Someone living near my Mother lost their house last night because of a Menorah they left burning. Poor folks lost their cat too....Michelle

Leora says

This is the third fire I have learned of this year. We don't leave the house with out Menorah burning. It can be very nerve-wracking. There are also cases with Shabbat candles and with havdalah candles. Sad story, Michelle.


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