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Shadow Shot of Hand

Took this last week in my backyard. The plan was to photograph the strawberry leaves, as some are now bright red, but I ended up playing hand shadows against the fence. Visit Hey Harriet for more Shadow Shots.

Ralph says

Ah, the imaginary shows and attractions we can create with the sun at our back. Perhaps we are looking at a dragon preparing a roast. Maybe it is a quacking duck. Our imagination works overtime, but it is not really work - only fun!

Leora says

"dragon preparing a roast"..."quacking duck"...
these are great, Ralph!

Martha Z says

The Aflac duck! Just like when we were kids.

Sylvia Kirkwood says

What a fun shot! Always fun to play with shadows and all the more since Shadow Shot came along! Great way to use our imagination! Ralph has some great ones!!

Enjoy, Leora!


Deb says

Playing was a good muse! (I like Ralph's ideas, too!)

Dianne says

it's important to find time to play
fun shadow :)

storyteller says

Ah ... what FUN ;-)
Love your creative playful shadow!
Hugs and blessings,

Anne says

good fun!!

Bev Baird says

These shadows created by hands are such fun! Great photo!

ramblingwoods says

LOL..I like this one..I have one that I haven't posted yet of me trying to make a peace sign. It didn't quite work...

Leora says

That makes me smile, Michelle, the thought of you trying to make a peace sign shadow! In a fun sort of way.

MedaM says

Interesting shadow and beautiful photo. I also like the wooden fence.

Leora says

I am also quite fond of that fence. I did an oil painting of it, but I never finished that painting.

I'll have to include it more often in my backyard photos. Thanks for the mention of it.


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