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Cape May Zoo Pics

Cape May Zoo Hours

I’ve been wanting to post my photos from our trip to the Cape May County Zoo in southern New Jersey from last August. I hope you enjoy the tour.

zoo donations box
I think they painted a mailbox zebra colors and wrote “Zoo Donations.” The zoo is free, so donations are greatly appreciated.

guinea fowl
I don’t know what kind of bird this is, but it was wandering around, mingling with the zoo guests. Maybe a guinea fowl?

bald eagle
This is a bald eagle. It was hard to photograph him in his cage.

The flamingos were fun to watch. See that gull who looks like he owns the place?

gull under flamingos
Here’s Mr. Gull again, resting with the flamingos.

animal at Cape May Zoo
I cannot remember the name of this animal, but it had tons of energy.

Giraffes are beautiful animals.

Animals behind fences, like the leopard, were harder to photograph.

daughter in front of flowers
This zoo guest had a great time. Photos of family come out nicer when everyone is having fun.

NJPlaygrounds has more photos of the zoo and the nearby playground.

Thanks for coming with me to the zoo!

Risa says

How did you get the animals to pose so nicely???

Mrs. S. says

Thanks for inviting us along on your trip! :-)

Raizy says

Wow! You saw a real bald eagle? I think that they are very rare.
The pictures are so majestic.

Jew Wishes says

Thank you for the lovely photo journey through the zoo. The pictures are all wonderful!

I love that eagle photo!

Ilana-Davita says

Nice outing, thanks. I like the kangaroo-like animal. Wondering if it's a wombat.

Rachel says

The eagle looks fantastic - I saw him first and then the fence, so you did a great job with the photo (I think).

The animal you can't remember the name of looks like it has been put together out of remnants from other animals! It's not a wombat and it's not a capybara... hmmm...

Leora says

Thanks about the eagle. I wanted to post a link to a friend's photo of an eagle, but he only has it on Facebook, so I believe it for limited viewing.

Carver says

You got some fabulous shots at the zoo. The animal shots are all great and I love the one of your beautiful daughter.

Leora says

Thanks, yes, I really cherish that photo of her!

ramblingwoods says

I don't know what kind of bird that is, but the eagle is wonderful..I just can't get over how much your daughter looks like mine did at that age. And today my little girl is 31..where did the time go?

Ellie says

Zoos are my favorite place to be - especially in the summer - makes a great walk and animals are so cute! You made very nice pictures. Giraffes are my favorite.


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