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Red Rose Hip

Red Rose Hip
It’s been bleak here – lots of gray, and yesterday it rained all day. But at least the rose hips are bright red and cheery.

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carolynUSA says

That is a nice photo with beautiful background blur! And, best of all...a bright and cheery red!

Ralph says

The littlest red is mighty in this season of gray and white. A hearty red, the cold not stopping it from being a beacon of the Spring to come - someday...

Jew Wishes says

It's bleak and raining here. This lovely spot of red brought a smile to my face.

Ilana-Davita says

It is also bleak and rainy here! Funny how this rosehip looks like a cherry. I like the bright red and green against the blurred background too.

EG Wow says

Nice crisp photo, Leora...perfect for Ruby Tuesday.

Carletta says

It looks so shiny as well - a bright spot in the gray days of winter.
Ilana's right in that it does look like a cherry. :)

Rajesh says

Very beautiful capture, the grey background enhances it.

Robin from Israel says

Miserably rainy here too, but hopefully it will at least get the water levels closer to a reasonable level again.

felisol says

Look how shiny the rose hip is. Pictures often look better in rain than "real life" does.
I like the spot of hope.
From Felisol

quiltworks says

Nice to find a slash of color in this weather! Good job on your part for spotting it :-)

Red Thread

pagan sphinx says

Nicely composed photo; great color. Have a good week, Leora

Patti V. says

This touch of red gives us hope on a bleak winter day..spring is going to be here someday. I like the contrast agains the gray. Nice closeup shot, Leora.

Gemma says

Amazing how red on a grey day always warms the spirit! This photo of just one red glow is very warming! Seems grey days are prevalent world wide at the moment! So is ours in summery? Oz!

Napaboaniya APAD says

How cool, that a small touch of red can brighten up so much :)

Ellie says

Simple and natural! Why is it not eaten yet?

Leora says

Hmm, good question. I guess birds don't like rose hips?

Marites says

it stands out on its gray background. Nice capture!

Jim says

Roses know what to do when. They don't know it is too cold until their buds get killed off.
That is just the way Mother Nature made them to be.

Happy RT!

Dianne says

pretty vivid color
I like the blurred background

Rachel says

Lovely and cheery on a dull day!

Margaret Gosden says

Yes, I like the contrasty presentation. The hip looks very hip - just right for RT!

John says


Rose says

Simple but pretty!

Sharing my son's 3rd birthday

mizhelle says

thats cute! i love the shot :)

u may view mine here

Happily Retired Gal says

Yup ... certainly colorful against the wintry view.
Hugs and blessings,

Helena says

Great shot! It's so nice of Mother Nature to provide us with a little colour on such dreary winter days. :)

ramblingwoods says

Those are rose hips? I didn't know that..They are very pretty..


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