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Thursday Challenge: Winter

South Park and Eighth in the snow
Corner of South Park and Eighth Avenues in Highland Park after December 31, 2009 snowfall. I loved the bright green against the white and gray.

Thursday Challenge theme is WINTER (Ice, Icicles, Snow, Tobogganing, Skating, Frost, Winter Clothing,…). And next week is MESSY.

quiltworks says

Beautiful photo for winter challendge ! great color combination of green and white ;-)

...Follow the poop!

Clara says

Brrrr. You've managed to catch the cold in this picture, too. It makes me shiver. I love it.

Carver says

I like the way the green looks against the snow too. Great way to capture winter.

Ilana-Davita says

Very good one. We can feel the cold and because of the bright green signs your shot isn't dull.

Myfanwy says

There is as much warmth in your photo as there is here! Love it.

Melissa says

Beautiful, however, I am on count-down till spring.

Jew Wishes says

I like the bright green against the white and gray, also. Lovely contrasts.

Caron says

With the snow in your WINTER shot, you shouldn't have trouble with next week's MESSY shot!! :)

carolynUSA says

I like the contrast of the green sign against the snow. And, it does look a bit chilly!

ramblingwoods says

I could have done this as a weekly and monthly daily challenge.....But we are getting rain Sunday and Monday and you probably will too...

Leora says

Sadly, just in time for our ski trip. They are even expecting rain in the mountains. Sigh.


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