Week with Zoo Flowers

Pink Hibiscus Flowers at Cape May Zoo
Pink Hibiscus Flowers at Cape May Zoo, August 2009

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Please read my post on child sexual abuse: Protect Children from Abuse – thank you to everyone who left comments.

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  • Discovered this week that a fellow Highland Parker, Joel Levy, has a blog called Becoming a Black Belt in Life. I discovered it because he stopped me on the street (I seem to have a reputation as a blogger) and told me about it!
  • Jew Wishes has reviews on books by one of my favorite authors, Aharon Appelfeld: Iron Tracks, Badenheim 1939 and Laish.
  • I really liked Robin’s photo of Shefayim Beach and Ann’s photo of a male pine grosbeak bird.
  • Ilana-Davita talks in this post about books she is reading, so I will tell you that I just ordered three books: Stones by Michael Rockland, The Jew of Home Depot by Max Apple, and Flat Belly Diet by Liz Vaccariello. Flat Belly Diet is actually for my father; he is always interested in healthy diets, and someone must have recommended this book to him. If you meet him, you would say, why does he need to lose weight? He doesn’t. He needs to keep any fat he has and to stay healthy. I’m curious about the book.

Oh, and a brief parsha quiz: Who is Putiel? (and isn’t that a fab name?).
Annual link to the froggy song.

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