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Nature Notes: Cardinal Watercolor

cardinal in watercolor
cardinal in watercolor on paper

Yesterday, when it was warmer and almost spring-like, I saw many birds on my block, including a hawk flying low. Today there are big, white fluffy flakes coming day outside my window. By necessity (I need to pick my kids soon, early dismissal due to the weather), this will be a short post. Note the bill and the plume of the head (thanks, Michelle and Lorri).

You can see the drawing of the cardinal on last week’s post. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take out the paints.

On a related note, it is a custom to feed the birds the week of Parshat B’Shalach. Of course, the birds might want to be fed other weeks as well. Cardinals like sunflower seeds.

JewWishes says

Oh, this is absolutely beautiful, Leora! I love the tones and contrasts in this lovely painting of the cardinal.

You have captured their essence, their beauty. Yes, the bill and plume...very distinct in cardinals.

ramblingwoods says

Thank you for showing that Nature Notes can be more than photographs...This is a wonderful painting. You captured the shadings of red and black perfectly.

Another storm..I can't believe it...Michelle

Ilana-Davita says

I love the colors too! You are such a great artist.

Leora says

Thanks. I suppose you three will forgive me if I spend the time working on paintings and then only post once a week? Oh, don't worry. I doubt I could hide away for that long.

I really appreciate your kind words about the painting.

Eileen says

Wonderful drawing of the Cardinal. You are creative.

marina says

wonderful! I love it!

Louis la Vache says

«Louis» has been looking forward to seeing your cardinal again!
Very fine, Leora!

Robin from Israel says

How beautiful! You have such a gift.

Carver says

That's a wonderful watercolor of the cardinal. You are very talented.

Melissa says

Happoy Purim to you and your family.

Patti V. says

Beautiful watercolor of the cardinal, Leora.
You have such talent.


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