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Oops – JPIX is Soon

surprise on dancer's face
My Mother Should Have Posted This Last Week

My daughter and her dancer friends want you to know that her mom should have told you last week to submit links for the JPIX Blog Carnival that will appear tomorrow on Pesky Settler’s blog. JPIX is the blog carnival for Jewish Photo Bloggers (about Jewish topics, but one can stretch this to nature, everyday living and food photos); everyone is welcome to enjoy the show.

Please also check out:

Ilana-Davita says

You know I had taken a photo of the Jewish school in HK but I didn't know when JPIX was so I haven't posted it yet. Sigh...

ramblingwoods says

I love this much happiness and laughter...

JewWishes says

LOL! What a great and enjoyable photo! That facial expression...


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