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Purim is Coming

Purim drawing 2010
Purim is a holiday in which we read the Book of Esther (twice, once at night, once during the day), give charity to the poor, share food baskets with friends, wear costumes (at least many of the kids do and a few brave adults) and eat a feast in the afternoon. My daughter made this drawing yesterday to put on oatmeal containers that will be given to her friends (see last year’s decorated containers).

Can you name any of the characters in her drawing? Here is the Book of Esther.

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Robin from Israel says

Heehee, Mordechai looks like an old boss of mine LOL!

Decorated containers of oatmeal is a great gift idea, and your daughter's drawing will set them off so nicely :).

Carletta says

Your daughter is quite a little artist. I love the beard. :)
When you mentioned the containers I thought I remembered your post from last year.
I love that your children care so much about others.

Kim says

She got talent, she draws so well. Thanks for sharing!


Patti V. says

Your daughter is a good artist. I do remember you mentioning the containers last year. Time flies.

There is nothing like a homemade gift. ;-)

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Hootin' Anni says

Wow....excellent artwork. Very talented daughter you have.

Here is MY R T If you come visit...scroll down below my Heads or Tails entry to find my Ruby Tuesday. :o)

Ralph says

The artist has captured an important moment. She obviously remembers the fun of the costumes as a participant. Your daughter has picked up her talent from her mom, and her imagination is wonderful!

Mirage says

Sweet! Esther and Mordecai...very good story, great drawing!

Leora says

Great! Now I'm wondering if anyone can identify some of the background characters.

Jew Wishes says

Esther and Mordecai...very distinct, indeed!

I enjoy her mom, like daughter.

Leora says

Wish I had more time to do art. I should stick my cardinal drawing downstairs and get started on it.

felisol says

I love the book of Esther.
It's exciting lie a crime novel with a fair and happy ending.
Your daughter's drawing is just so artistic and colorful, and queen Esther as beautiful and nobel looking as she once must have been.
Wish you a happy Purim celebration.

Jim says

Leora, thanks for the reminder, I need to return the Vegie Tales Ester video to the library. Being a prof really ruined me on returning library stuff.
Your daughter draws good looking pictures. This one is soooooo nice! Where did she learn?
Happy RT!

carolynUSA says

How cute these boxes of oatmeal will be! I love the drawings of children so much.

nice A says

That's Queen Esther. And her husband Mordecai?
Your daughter has the hand of an artist.

aprille says

Purim is such a great holiday where you read the Bible.

Ilana-Davita says

Wonderful drawing. I love the costumes.

Rachel says

Your daughter is a fabulous artist - she takes after you, yes?

Leora says

Hopefully, she will continue to do art! I guess I am "living" through her art at the present. Wish I did more.

Maria says

Wonderful drawing, suck an artist:)Happy Purim, in scandinavia we celebrate Esther in April.

Batya from Shiloh says

perfectly pictured, a chip off the old block, nu?
My Ruby Tuesday is my son's new venture.

life ramblings says

your daughter is truly talented.

Louis la Vache says

Re your cardinal drawing - YES! We look forward to seeing the finished work!

«Louis» thinks it's great encouragement for your daughter's ability as an artist that you share her work with the readers of your blog.

The book of Esther is Mme la Vache's favorite in the Bible. «Louis» will make sure she sees this post.

Jientje says

Your daughter has inherited your talent Leora, this is such a lovely drawing. She has a great eye for detail!

Dianne says

she has a wonderful eye
I love the composition and the colors and the details
I love the whole thing

EG Wow says

I like the way you are sharing your daughter's art with us, Leora! Covering oatmeal boxes is a great idea.

mizhelle says

she's a future artist indeed!

u may view mine here

Auntie E says

Time for a party , get the pots , pans and spoons out and make lot of noise. Let's not forget to make the Hamentaschen, I got the poppy seed filling.
My Ruby Link for you

ramblingwoods says

What a great idea...I like your daughter's artwork...


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