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Red Fish and Careless Talk

red fish
Red Fish at Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, MA
One fish, two fish
Red fish, blue fish

– Dr. Seuss

Or is this an orange-colored fish?

Just for fun, from the same museum, a World War II poster:
Wanted for Murder: Her careless talk costs lives

For more photos with a little or a lot of red:
Ruby Tuesday

hihorosie says

ha ha on the poster!

Just dropping by to say hi!! I need to do some serious catching up! ;)

Mrs. S. says

"One Fish, Et Al" is one of my family's favorite Dr. Suess books. We all know most - if not all - of it by heart!

And I like the picture of "Nemo"... :-)

EG Wow says

Red enough for me, Leora. ;-) Cool shot.

Daniel Saunders says

I think it's a clown fish.

I also have a fondness for old propaganda/public information posters.

Leora says

Good identifying, Daniel. I do believe it is a clown fish.

felisol says

Weirdest fish I ever saw. Can it actually swim??
The poster is a reminder of a time when things were exactly that grim.
Talking might kill soldiers or lead the enemy to bomb important factories etc.
Nowadays they'll strike anywhere and kill innocent people en mass.
My mother had a hairdo about her style in ww2.

Manang Kim says

Orange fish! Is that a real poster? Is she real? Sorry don't know her ^_^


maryt/theteach says

Leora, the color of the fish is close enough! Pretty exotic! She's like Tokyo Rose, right? :(

Leora says

I had to look up Tokyo Rose - cool history. Glad it's history.

Patti V. says

The fish is a reddish orange ;-) So it works!
Great shot.
Ralph and I liked Pittsfield and its environs when we went there many years ago.

Re: the poster. The first thing I thought of was "Loose lips sink ships."

Ralph says

The fish almost has the shape that will blend in with the other sea plants. Not so the bold colors, though! Wasn't one of the search pair that searched for Nemo a clownfish? The red print makes the point that the picture did. Of course, I prefer italics to bold red for emphasis :>)

Hasya Ya'ara says

I have read about Loshon Hara. Very destructive indeed!

Great poster though.

Leora says

Yes, I was thinking of using this poster as a starting point for a post on Loshon Hara - literally means bad language. But I just decided to let the poster speak, and see what others have to say.

Sometimes not talking can cost lives...

storyteller at Small Reflections says

Fun post in all respects ... gotta luv Dr. Seuss! Nifty rubies this week ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

The Cunning Runt says

I pass the Pittsfield museum regularly, and will have to stop in for a look at this.

Very cool.

Leora says

They have some lovely paintings at the museum - I liked one in particular of old Istanbul. That one might show up in a post some day.

Dianne says

the fish is red to me

the poster is a bit eerie
although I'd love to send a copy of it to every political pundit on the air

Leora says

I would like to send it to the media in general - especially when they post about troops' movements and other details that should not be publicly broadcast.

Marites says

aww...i love clownfishes. This one's a great capture! happy RT!

Jeri says

Very cool fish! Happy RT!

luna miranda says

the poster--an incredible find!

the first photo looks like seafood platter to me (LOL).

chubskulit says

Hahaha very nice.

Valentine's Boxes

Ilana-Davita says

Great shots, each of them - for different reasons of course!

John says

Very colorful fish!

Valentine's Cupid

Jim says

I like your colored fish, Leora. I may come back to see what others besides yellow and ruby red you have found. :)
Happy RT, thanks bunches for the party invite.

Robin from Israel says

Cool, it's a Nemo fish :).

That poster is something else.

nice A says

Where's that red fish swimming? Are those red mushrooms or what?
Wanted for Murder, hahaha!

Hasya Ya'ara says


It's me, Melissa at Sunbonnet, who is now called Hasya Ya'ara.

I'm sorry. I thought I mentioned it in my comment to you.

It is my soon to be my given Hebrew name. The Rabbi will be blessing me with it soon.

Thank you for writing on my new blog.

Leora says

Aha - two people taking on the name Ya'ara would be quite a coincidence! Thanks for the clarification, Melissa.

mizhelle says

hehhehe fun post! cute nemo :)

u may view mine here

Jew Wishes says

What a neat shot! I always loved that book, as do my children and my grandchildren.

Helena says

Great finds!

Gemma says

Orange derives from red! Close enough! What a fun shaped fish! Bold and striking! And the poster reminds me of Vivian Leigh's face! That makes it quite disturbing when you think of the film 'Gone With the Wind'!

Leora says

Yes, she does look a bit like Vivian Leigh, doesn't she? A classic look.

Louis la Vache says

That poster is a variation on the WWII theme of "Loose lips sink ships".

Japan had Tokyo Rose. Nazi Germany had both Axis Sally and "Lord Ha Ha" broadcasting Nazi propaganda to the Allies.

ramblingwoods says

That looks like a clown fish.....Interesting poster...


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