Red Skier

red skier statue at Jiminy Peak
Red Skier Statue at Jiminy Peak, Berkshire Mountains, MA

This statue of a red skier and the old photos behind it are in the showcase at the Jiminy Peak Country Inn entrance. Jiminy Peak in Hancock, Massachusetts was founded in 1948 and was named after – Jiminy Cricket. There are no longer t-bars at the mountain like the one the little boy is clinging to in the old photo.

turbines at Jiminy Peak
“In August 2007, Jiminy became the first private US business (and only ski resort) to invest in its own megawatt class wind turbine.” (from Wikipedia) The three wind turbines shown on a neighboring peak are newer than the original turbine; one skis right past the first turbine which is on the top of the ski mountain.

ski lesson
My two sons getting a lesson in parallel skiing: the ski instructor is in the green jacket, my sons are wearing bright blue and black with red striped jackets.

For more photos with a little or a lot of red:
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