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Red Skier

red skier statue at Jiminy Peak
Red Skier Statue at Jiminy Peak, Berkshire Mountains, MA

This statue of a red skier and the old photos behind it are in the showcase at the Jiminy Peak Country Inn entrance. Jiminy Peak in Hancock, Massachusetts was founded in 1948 and was named after – Jiminy Cricket. There are no longer t-bars at the mountain like the one the little boy is clinging to in the old photo.

turbines at Jiminy Peak
“In August 2007, Jiminy became the first private US business (and only ski resort) to invest in its own megawatt class wind turbine.” (from Wikipedia) The three wind turbines shown on a neighboring peak are newer than the original turbine; one skis right past the first turbine which is on the top of the ski mountain.

ski lesson
My two sons getting a lesson in parallel skiing: the ski instructor is in the green jacket, my sons are wearing bright blue and black with red striped jackets.

For more photos with a little or a lot of red:
Ruby Tuesday

Ilana-Davita says

Nice statue which evokes the "good old days".
When I started skiing - I was 7 - it took me a while to understand how to hold a t-bat without falling. I thought one was supposed to sit on it.

carolynUSA says

I remember the days when my kids took ski lessons! That's the only way to enjoy a ski trip with little ones! And, a skill they can use for a lifetime! Nice snowy ski shots!

Louise says

I would hope I didn't ski INTO the wind turbine. That is so cool that they use wind power.

Carletta says

Love that little statue!
I've never been skiing. At my age I would probably break a leg now. :)
It looks like a fun trip you had Leora.
I visited a wind turbine site a few months ago. They are awesome to stand beneath.

EG Wow says

Downhill skiing is much safer nowadays than it was back in the time of the T-bar.

It's good to see more and more wind turbines!

Ralph says

The ski jackets in red allows you to watch the progress and fun learning of your children - you can see them understanding their new ski skills from a distance. You know what's happening without hovering. A nice place to vacation I see!

Kim says

One thing that I would love to do is to ski ^_^ Love those colorful jackets!

My red shoes

John says

Fun-filled rubies.

Our Mini Date

ellen b says

The little skier is great. That's cool that your boys can take lessons. Happy Ruby Tuesday to you...

chubskulit says

Looks like an adventurous day.

Road Trip

felisol says

The ski sculpture talked right to my heart.
I used to love skiing, my father taught me how to ski in a slope in our lower garden at the age of four. Later on we just put our skis on outside our kitchen door and went cross country skiing for hours.
I never got the hang of slalom though.
These days we have a winter like the ones of my childhood. My skis are resting safely in the garage.
The osteoporosis has set a final stop to ski athletics. Children skiing still is one of the prettiest sights. Thanks for sharing.

Leora says

My father doesn't ski any more, either. But ten years ago he still went a bit. He and my mother used to cross country ski. We don't get enough snow in NJ for cross country, which is fun and athletic.

ramblingwoods says

I have never done down hill, just cross country. I am so happy that the weather allowed you to ski.. stay warm..Michelle

luna miranda says

fun-filled shots!

Paz says

That red skier looks pretty cool.


Jew Wishes says

Nice post and photos! I like the bits of red that pop out in between everything. I like the skier and how it contrasts with the background.

Happy RT!

toby says

That looks like so much fun! Maybe one day I'll learn to ski...

Ellie says

It is a great idea with the old black and white photo on the background - make me stare to figure it out what is the time and place of the setting! I really enjoyed all the photos.

Rajesh says

Beautiful shots. That is pretty very nice statue.

rachel says

I am a huge fan of wind turbines - and snow! Lovely pictures of what looked to be a great short break.

mizhelle says

awww looks really like a fun day :)

u may view mine here

Stephanie V says

Nice splashes of red against the snow. Love, love, love wind turbines. We have one on our local ski mountain, too. I like watching it turn on a sunny day.

Nonizamboni says

Interesting post and the 'reds' just popped out in your photos. I'm always happy to see wind turbines in use too. Happy RT!

storyteller at Small Reflections says

Kewl 'rubies' in your wintry views ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Patti V. says

I'm with Carletta. I've never skiied, and at this age I know I would break something or other.

I like the little skier figurine. That's neat that the place was named after Jiminy Cricket. I didn't realize that.

Nice bits of red on the slope.

Happy Ruby Tuesday, Leora

Batya says

No snow here. What a wonderful Ruby Tuesday picture.


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