New York City Reds

Wien Hall at Columbia University
Yesterday we (my family) were in New York City for a wedding – a very, very happy occasion. The wedding was the Faculty House at Columbia University, and I took a photo of this red brick building (Wien Hall) as we walked from the (expensive) parking garage to the wedding. My middle son, who convinced me to take my smaller camera so I would pay more attention to the wedding and less to taking photos, said we would have gotten to the wedding a few minutes sooner if I had not stopped to photograph a few buildings on the way.

musicians at a wedding
At the beginning of a Jewish wedding the groom is marched to the bride accompanied by dancing friends and family and by musicians. The musicians at this wedding were from the orchestra Nafshenu. The groom then checks to make sure it is really his bride (as biblical Jacob got tricked, the groom wants to check).

The red in the photo was in the musicians’ eyes – I selected the red in Photoshop using the magic wand tool, desaturated the red, and adding back in enough color so their eyes looked brown.

On the subject of cameras and photographers, there were many photographers at the wedding (I believe some were friends of the bride and groom). I was jealous of their gigantic lenses, as was my father’s cousin, who said there is no end when it comes to desiring good photography equipment.

bicycle parking fees
In New York City one can pay to park one’s bicycle. The bicycle fees were considerably less than the car parking fees.

For more photos with a little or a lot of red:
Ruby Tuesday

24 thoughts on “New York City Reds

  • I wanted to say the building looks simmilar to ours here (Vienna) then I saw it’s called Wien, german for vienna! πŸ™‚ though here, bicycle parking is free… πŸ˜€

  • The wedding was held in a beautiful venue. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t let a fine picture get away if you are on time. The musicians in tow is nothing that I have seen before, and that gives a livelier feel to the ceremony. Parking in NYC is tough, not enough of it so the prices are soooo high – the bicycles are treated better in price, but whatever happened to fee bike racks where you locked it yourself?

    • I have less than fond memories of a brand-new bike light being stolen right off my bike when I lived in Cambridge, MA when it was locked on a bike rack. I imagine parking the bike in the garage is much safer for bike parts that can’t get locked. Also, no weather issues inside.

  • Lovely location for the wedding, That’s an interesting tradition to have musicians accompanying the groom. I like it!

    Bike parking fees. I would have stopped to look twice at that sign myself.

  • What wonderful photos, depicting architectural charm, emotional moments, and also a photo with bits of red for Ruby Tuesday.

    I like the middle photo…with its emotional aspects so vividly displayed.

  • If I went to that place, I would also do the same – taking photos of that building with unique architectural design. You really have the bloggers’ eyes and enthusiasm. Hahaha!
    You have shared an interesting Jewish wedding tradition with the musicians, family and friends accompanying the groom to the bride and the groom checking if it’s really his bride, LOL.

  • An interesting set of photos! And enjoyed your comments! Wien Hall particularly is a fascinating, impressive looking building! Love that entrance style!

  • Indeed it appears to have been a joyous wedding judging from the little glimpse you’ve given us. πŸ˜‰

    Β«LouisΒ» notes the “bicycle parking tax” on the sign – and to think one of the principal reasons the colonists broke away from England was to escape excessive taxation…grrrrrrrr…..

  • Cool…bike parking. What a good idea.

    We had ‘Valet parking’ for bikes during the Olympics. There were designated lockups that only the valets could access. Leaving one’s bike anywhere in a city is always a risk.

  • “there is no end when it comes to desiring good photography equipment.”

    What a wise, wise man. Both me and my BH are infected with the photography bug. We have cupboards of ‘stuff’ which we are trying (sort of) to rationalise and exchange/donate items we no longer need.

    Bronica, anyone….?

  • I had to chuckle when I read your son’s comment that you would have arrived a little sooner if you hadn’t brought your camera. πŸ˜‰ Weddings are such fun and cameras NEED to be there to record it!

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