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Red Afghan and Goblin Reader

girl reading Princess and Goblin in front of red afghan
This originally was going to be a post with a photo of the red afghan that my grandmother crocheted many years ago. However, my daughter showed up and posed with her book in front of the afghan. Of course, the photo with her in front of the afghan reading The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald is far more interesting than the others with only the blanket.

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Gemma says

Love the little one's gently smiling face! And that afghan is really beautiful!

Carletta says

Lovely afghan only enhanced with your daughter's lovely smile! She looks more and more like you everyday. :)
I love old books and that looks like a well worn copy.

Leora says

I think we got it at one of those used book sales - it's not like it's a family heirloom.

EG Wow says

How very nice of your daughter to be in the photo! My grandmother made afghans very similar to thisone...and I still have it. I think they are very cool in an old-timey way. :)

Jim says

I like the afgan, you are fortunate to have one of hers. I have two baby quilts that my two grandmothers made for me.
You daughter is cute and knows it. She is photogenic like the little boy I have on my RT today.
Happy RT!

lynda howells says

I love the blanket but l think your daughter makes the pcturexxhappy ruby tuesday to you bothxlynda

Leora says

I agree - my daughter does know how to steal the show.

Patti V. says

Your daughter is so sweet-looking, Leora. I'm glad she posed for you. It does make a much more interesting photo!

My grandmother crocheted many afghans. That looks quite familiar. ;-)

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

eden says

Your daughter is so cute. Beautiful Afghan. Love the colours.

Happy Ruby Tuesday

Ilana-Davita says

Very good picture in which the afghan (funny name) provides a fine background for a lovely young lady.

Leora says

Yes, afghan (afgan?) is a funny name for a crocheted blanket.

felisol says

Your daughter has the aloof grace of a true princess.Enchanting!
The afgan is also extraordinary, such a beautiful combination of colors.
My grandmother also made one afgan; mostly with odd colored rest yarn framed in black. Not this artistic at all...

Annie says

Love the afghan but most especially the sweet enhancement of your daughter in the picture. Did you notice that the back cover of the book compliments the orange/yellow of the afghan? Very serendipitous.

Ron says

Red afghan
Read book

A theme?



Dianne says

it's so cool that she looks happy reading
the afghan is beautiful, even more so because it has family history

Paz says

What a lovely afghan!

Happy reading to your daughter! It's fun to read a good book.


Stephanie V says

The afghan looks so warm and cosy. And the book must be very interesting.

Jew Wishes says

What a beautiful capture of mood and color. I love the blanket, so filled with wonderful tones.

There is much warmth in this photo, in more ways than one.

Raven says

Always nice to have a beautiful child to enrich your ruby subject. Nice afghan too.

mizhelle says

awww what a darling :)

u may view mine too here

Mrs. S. says

"The Princess and the Goblin" is one of my favorite children's books!

We also have the sequel - "The Princess and Curdie" - which, IMHO, isn't nearly as good as the original.

ellen b. says

Very nice! It's always wonderful to see young ones enjoying a book. George MacDonald is one of my favorite authors!

maryt/theteach says

Love that crocheted blanket, Leora, I made one like that with BIG granny square in blue! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)


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