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Thursday Challenge: Face

girl with muffin and candle
My daughter and middle son made these muffins a few months ago, in honor of my birthday.

Thursday’s Challenge is FACE (Portrait, Self-Portrait, Happy Faces, Emotions,…).

Next week is WATER (Ocean, Lake, Waterfall, Ice, Rain, Wet Things,…).

Louis la Vache says

Had «Louis» known it was your birthday, he would have sent a card - so he sends his belated best wishes to you now...


Leora says

It was way back in February. You have nine months notice now.

Siromade says

She is pretty, how sweet and thoughful are your kids.

Ilana-Davita says

Wonderful close-up. Very thoughtful kids indeed.

Jew Wishes says

What a beautiful capture. I love the expressiveness.

Robin from Israel says

What a sweet photo, she looks so thoughtful.

Risa says


Kristin says

This is so sweet. You're very blessed. :-)
Hope you have a nice day.

PeachyTO says

Things always taste better when they are made just for us, with a little TLC added to the mix. What a beautiful photo. I have participated in the challenge here .

Race says

oh that's so sweet of them!

love the expression on your girl's face!

EG Wow says

Wonderful shot of your daughter. Her expression is priceless.

ramblingwoods says

That was so sweet. She is very fair like my daughter...


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