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Azalea Season – SOOC

azaleas looking down the street
Azaleas are in bloom all over the place. I brought in some red ones and put them in a vase; my husband said, what are those called again? He said they are in bloom around his work building.

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Louis la Vache says

Azaleas always make «Louis» smile!

Pour le 1er Mai, «Louis» vous donne un bouquet de Muguet!

Jan says

Very pretty azaleas. Looks as if Spring has sprung.

Shydub says

Nice capture of the bushes. thanks for sharing.

gengen says

Looks pretty cool...Happy SOOC Sunday.

Robin from Israel says

Lovely, and such a lovely color too.

Ilana-Davita says

I agree with Robin. The color of the azalea combined with the others makes a loveyl sceney.

Mrs. S. says

I grew up in a neighborhood which was awash in gorgeous azaleas of every possible color.
And so even after all these years, azaleas always make me think of Shavuot...

Happy Lag BaOmer!

Leora says

Thanks, Happy Lag BaOmer to you, as well! Trying to think if I should write a post in honor of the holiday - but it's much more interesting in Israel than here. Few bonfires if at all - even Chabad has to get permission.

Judy says

Pretty picture...I love seeing Azaleas, to me they are the sign of spring.

Valerie says

I think Azaleas are beautiful. Unfortunately I do not have enough acidic soil to grow them. So, I have to look at them in others gardens. Thanks for sharing. Valerie

Jew Wishes says

What a lovely composition with beautiful splashes of color.


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