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Mustard Weed is Not Red

mustard weed
Yesterday we (my daughter, my eldest son, a group of volunteers, and I) picked garlic mustard weed at the Native Plant Reserve in Highland Park, New Jersey. Since our mustard weed demonstrator had red in his shirt, I can use this photo as a Ruby Tuesday post. More on yesterday’s invasive weed picking.

I will be very busy tomorrow preparing for Shavuot, a Jewish holiday in which one traditionally brings flowers into one’s home. I won’t be picking buttercups, though, but I wanted to share these pretty yellow buttercups from the Native Plant Reserve with you.

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Manang Kim says

I see the red ^_^!! Happy Tuesday!

Ruby Red Tuesday

Daniel Saunders says

I hadn't heard of bringing flowers into one's home on Shavuot, only into shul. Although my father usually buys my Mum flowers before Yom Tov anyway.

Ilana-Davita says

Good one! These two photos are lovely examples of "natural" flowers, as opposed to those we plant and take care of.

Dimple says

I see the red, too. The buttercups are lovely!

Jim says

I like your yellow with a red shirt showing post! I learned about flowers for your holiday too. Thank you!
Happy RT! I had food on my mind, not flowers.

Ralph says

Red is an earth tone, whether it is on or not on a leaf. So the shirt is a fine representation of a natural ruby, in my opinion anyway...

Jim says

Hey, Leora, thanks for peeking in so soon. Thank you too for the wrong answer. They are RED HOTS! You can substiute them for cinamon sticks in sweet drinks and food.

CafebyJW says

Beautiful shot, nice selection.

My Inspiration
My Ruby Tuesday

Jew Wishes says

I like the red in your photo, and blended in a red and blue plaid, no less.

Lovely flowers, dainty and delightful.

Meikah Delid says

Yes, I see the red, too! :) Red and yellow actually are cool to the eyes. And such pretty weeds and flowers! That must be a fun activity you had.

My RT entry is here.

chubskulit says

Those are very pretty blooms, I love the blue ones the most.

re: my post.. Yeah, I have to chain my dog everytime we're outside because she could eat and eat and eat flowers lol..

Napaboaniya APAD says

Looks like someone's shirt or cloth is red :)

Robin from Israel says

What pretty buttercups - I remember holding them under our chin as kids to see if we liked butter :).

Ilana-Davita says

We did this in France too! :-)


Ingenious capture of 'ruby' this week.

FLAGSHIP - Ruby Tuesday

Gemma@Greyscale says

Love seeing the special beauty of wildflowers! Buttercups seem like Nature's children dancing in the sunlight!

Dianne says

the bit of red is perfect
lovely composition

Mrs. S. says

Chag samei'ach to you and your family!

annie says

Lovely composition, Leora.

Mimi says

Oh, I love the buttercups!
I know it's RT, but the yellow of those is SO uplifting!

Jientje says

My husband has a shirt just like this one!

Patti V. says

You found just enough red to make the pic eligible for RT!

I like how you captured the mustard weed spikes. Nice photo.

I love the buttercups. And like Robin we used to do the same thing as kids - hold them under our chins to see if we liked butter.

Ah, the memories!

Baila says

Hi Leora,

Just caught up on your blog. It's always so enjoyable, if I had the time I would comment on most of your posts... I love the Moses/G-d, milk and meat joke and tell it all the time to illustrate a point. I recently told it to Liat's friend whose father is a Rabbi (and a serious one!). She told it to her father, and reported back to me that he loved it and planned on using it in the future.

Leora says

And I love the one about Eliyahu HaNavi and Shavuot. I told it to my daughter, and my husband had to explain it to her. I don't think she quite got it.

I try to entertain... there's enough sorrowful stuff out there.

AscenderRisesAbove says

I like this shoulder shot. I kept waiting for her to move to find out who i was. ;-)

terry says

dear leora, i saw your comment at mary t's
it took me quite a while to find your ruby tuesday post but here i am..i would so love to read your other posts but do you have to be a member?
i hope so much that the goldens, my maiden name are part dad was adopted but his real name was goodson.
what a privilege it is for you to be a are one of god's chosen great can THAT be, eh?
well you are so right that mustard seed is not red but that nice shirt on the demonstrator just does the trick!!!

leora..i want to tell you that tuesday may 25th is mary t's birthday..maybe it would be special if you mention it, eh?
take care and god bless you from terry,a ruby tuesdayer in southern ontario, canada..

Carver says

The buttercups are so lovely. Nothing like wild flowers. I hope you had a wonderful shavuot celebration.


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