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Today’s Flowers: Hellebore

My neighbor has this beautiful nodding flower in his front yard called a hellebore. I find it delicate and gentle.

Today is Lag BaOmer, the 33rd day of the Omer. My kids get to go on a field trip tomorrow in honor of this day when Rabbi Akiva’s students stopped dying (2000 years ago?), and some people may get haircuts. The Omer is counted every day from Passover to Shavuot; Shavuot falls on May 19 and May 20 this year. For a fun post on Lag BaOmer, visit Mrs. S.

For more flowers, visit:
today's flowers

Ilana-Davita says

Another lovely combination, pink and almond green this time. Happy Lag BaOmer.

Grace Olsson says

a romantic shot.congrats

Luiz Santilli Jr. says

Hi Leora

A lonely and delicate flower.
Thanks for posting always for TODAY'S FLOWERS.
Have a good week.


Carver says

That's a beautiful shot of the helleobore.

Mrs. S. says

Thanks for the link!

Growing up in the US, Lag BaOmer meant field trips and/or picnics. Here in Israel, Lag BaOmer is all about the ubiquitous bonfires.

guild-rez says

Lovely and very delicate flower picture!!
Have a great Lag BaOmer celebration.

Autumn Belle says

The flowers looks like delicate beauties.

Autumn Belle says

I'm sorry, there's an error in my earlier link. My correct link is here.

Eileen says

Beautiful and delicate flower!

chubskulit says


My share for Today's Flower

EG Wow says

Ah! I very much love hellebores. Which reminds me, I ought to go out and get more photos of mine to help me get through next winter. LOL

Jientje says

Very very pretty! I love hellebores and this one has a very delicate color.

Denise says

I've only just discovered the hellebore, what a lovely flower. Yours is so very pretty, and I love it's color. Thanks Leora, have a great week.

SandyCarlson says

Very beautiful flower, Leora. Thanks.

eden says

Such gorgeous bloom. I love the colours.

Fishing Guy says

Leora: What a neat little flower. I celebrated the Seder while in Austria with some travelling companions.

toby says

So pretty! I hope you had a good Lag BaOmer.

Jew Wishes says

This is such a beautiful photo...and you have captured its delicate head, nodding gently downward. The tones are soft and lovely.

Laura Hegfield says

such a graceful little flower..I hope it wasn't too rainy for your lag ba'omer bon fire.

Leora says

Oh, no bonfires here. Strict fire regulations. Need to travel to Israel for that, the country of bonfires that miraculously does not burn down on Lag BaOmer.

Louis la Vache says

This delicate-looking hellebore would make a fine subject for a watercolor.

Jacqui says

I am fond of hellebores - you can get winter flowering and spring flowering ones here. they have such a fragile beauty. x


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