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Eggs with Sepia Touch

I photographed the eggs, desaturated the photo, selected just the eggs, then applied a bit of sepia color to them.

Why am I photographing eggs? Perhaps because:

  • My mother painted eggs.
  • I am studying more about shiva, the Jewish mourning period after a close relative dies, and eggs are the traditional dish eaten by the mourner at the beginning of shiva. Eggs represent the cycle of life.
  • Eggs are simple and beautiful.

For more sepia photos, visit:
bench in sepia

Ilana-Davita says

Eggs are good to eat and can be accomodated in all sorts of ways.

Jew Wishes says

What a wonderful capture, and the sepia adds a sweet touch to the eggs.

Ralph says

The beauty lies in the perfect shape of the ellipse. The food is stylish (a canvas for the artist) as well as nutritious (I prefer a stuffed omelette). I hadn't considered the cycle of life in this, but the old 'the chicken or the egg' riddle seems to say it is true...

Leora says

Another food that is considered at the time of mourning is the lentil - like the egg, it has roundness and continuity.

Ellipse... yes, that's the name of the shape! Other than saying, egg-shaped.

foto CHIP says

It looks more b&w in my computor but it looks very good :)

Leora says

I wonder if I had posted the desaturated version under it whether you would be able to see the slight coloration.

EG Wow says

I'm learning so much about shiva from you, Leora. Thanks!

Patti V. says

Interesting to learn about shiva. Did not know about the eggs

You have used a beautiful light sepia here.

Carletta says

I think it's light on my computer too but the more I look at it I can see the subtle color around the edges of the egg. Artsy shot!
Since you paint, have you ever painted on eggs?

Leora says

No, I've never painted on eggs.

Rachel says

What a beautifully modified photo - the changes are so subtle yet very effective.


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