JPIX Spring 2010

Welcome to JPIX, the Jewish Photo Bloggers Blog Carnival.

hotel saint tropez shul  verona synagogue
Ilana-Davita shows us Sanary-sur-Mer, where German refugees stayed in the 1930’s. In the center is the Saint-Tropez synagogue. On the right Ilana-Davita photographed the Verona Synagogue.

painting sheep anemone
A Mother in Israel shows off her daughter’s painting on the left. Aviva’s sheep wishes you Shabbat Shalom in the center. On the right is an anemone captured by Quietus Leo.

chupah light rail jerusalem Tel Shiloh
Batya asks you to caption the wedding photo on the left. In the middle she shows us Jerusalem, with the light rail and the string bridge. On the right Batya has beautiful photos of Tel Shiloh.

sculpture ruin bris
Devo asks you about the sculpture on the left. Rahel of Elms in the Yard shows us a Byzantine ruin (perhaps). Mazel tov to Mottel and his wife on the birth of a baby boy.

rahel tomb drawing kotel 1967 arak

Mrs. S. shows a lovely calendar of children’s drawings on the left. On the right she presents photos from Jerusalem in 1967. On the Chossid’s blog I discovered a beautiful photo of Arak.

jerusalem jaffa window by robin queen anne's lace by robin dust storm

Robin shows us Jerusalem, Jaffa, the flower Queen Anne’s Lace and a recent dust storm.

unicyclist on Jewish star unicycle in Salute to Israel Parade eggs ice cream sundae watercolor

On the left is a cyclist from Salute to Israel Parade photographed by Leora (that’s me). In the center are eggs, eaten at the first meal of shiva. On the right is an ice cream sundae, painted by Leora in honor of Shavuot.

The next JPIX hosted by me will be in December 2010.

Update: Toby of I Wish I Were a Photographer will be hosting the next JPIX on August 22. Please send links with your favorite pics.

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