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Nature Notes: Catbirds Return

gray catbird
My daughter and I were on the porch yesterday, and we heard a cat cry. No, maybe it was a baby. No, it was two birds, meowing at each other. Now I know why these are called gray catbirds. Here is my gray catbird photo from last summer.

gray catbird in a tree

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Carver says

I enjoy the catbirds in my yard. They do sound like a baby crying sometimes. I like both of these shots.

ramblingwoods says

I've never had a cat bird here that I am aware of, but I understand that they do sound like cats..

I enjoyed your comment very much '“If a female is impressed, she answers him by flashing from a perch” – I think someone could make this into a movie. Humphrey Bogartfly and Ingrid Perchwoman.'LOL

I would be interested to know if you see any fireflies where you live....Michelle

Leora says

Regarding the fireflies, I'm sure I've seen them, but I've never paid much attention. Will start doing so.

Glad you like my creative comments. I do try to be entertaining and say more than "nice post."

Caron says

I never knew why they were called catbirds!

Ilana-Davita says

Thank you for introducing catbirds to me. I was so busy writing my weekly review that I had missed your post.

Eileen says

The catbird is a nice visitor to your yard. Nice pic's!


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