Nature Notes: Catbirds Return

gray catbird
My daughter and I were on the porch yesterday, and we heard a cat cry. No, maybe it was a baby. No, it was two birds, meowing at each other. Now I know why these are called gray catbirds. Here is my gray catbird photo from last summer.

gray catbird in a tree

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6 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Catbirds Return

  • I’ve never had a cat bird here that I am aware of, but I understand that they do sound like cats..

    I enjoyed your comment very much ‘“If a female is impressed, she answers him by flashing from a perch” – I think someone could make this into a movie. Humphrey Bogartfly and Ingrid Perchwoman.’LOL

    I would be interested to know if you see any fireflies where you live….Michelle

    • Regarding the fireflies, I’m sure I’ve seen them, but I’ve never paid much attention. Will start doing so.

      Glad you like my creative comments. I do try to be entertaining and say more than “nice post.”

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