8 thoughts on “Toasting to Toby

  • How funny! I came here to see what was new, and my first thought was “oh, how pretty!” It took me about half a second, and I realized I’d seen that little flower before šŸ™‚
    Thanks for the toast! And thanks for the links! I’m only too happy to join the JPIX family.

    • “Iā€™d seen that little flower before” – I’m glad I used one of your lovely photos for the post!

      Truth is, I wasn’t sure yesterday if there were TWO Tobys. I saw on your non-photo blog that you linked to the photo blog, and I thought, oh, OK, you are the same Toby.

  • Yay Toby (and Devo and Ilana-Davita too) – with three volunteers stepping up I can quietly sit on my offer for a while, since I’m not at all confident about managing the technical side of hosting. I’ll happily send you guys my links though, and will possibly take a stab at hosting myself later in the year.

    • Robin, hope we can get you to do one later, even if much later. There is always the “Insta Carnival” method, where Blog Carnival does all the work for you (and you mostly need to erase the spam submissions). But that one has no pictures.

  • Nice to see that your call has been answered. I hope you realize that you are the expert and that we’ll probably need to throw questions at you.

    • “need to throw questions at you.” I look forward to learning to teach! Maybe you can throw some patience at me in the process.

      • My first reaction was to reply that I am not very patient but I believe I have improved. I am more patient than I used to be (a good thing) but also a bit more cynical (not such a good thing).

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