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Today’s Flowers: Mexican Primrose

mexican primrose
I bought this perennial plant last year, and all I got last season were greens. This past spring we have been treated to these lovely, delicate pink flowers. This post suggested one can grow mexican evening primrose with african daisies for a lovely pale pink with dark purple combination.

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Ilana-Davita says

Your flowers are lovely, especially with the droplets on the delicate petals.

Carver says

Beautiful shot of the mexican primrose. I love the way they look with rain drops clinging on in these shots. I started some from seed in 2003 and they not only come back but if you leave them with the tiny seed pods they form, where I live they spread out and come up in a larger area than I originally planted them.

Carletta says

They do look so delicate. Lovely - especially with the water drops!

Pat says

They look like beautiful delicate chiffon skirts. The drops of water are like jewels decorating the blossoms. Lovely!

Eileen says

Lovely shot of the pretty primroses. The color is beautiful.

EG Wow says

Very pretty. I once had a Missouri evening primrose the same colour...but it died out. I had it in a lovely sandy spot on a hill, which may be the reason it died. I NEED to see if I can find some more!

pagan sphinx says

Don't you love it when that happens? The same thing happened with a very small peonie I planted in the front yard - it finally bloomed this year! The peonies in the back yard are in full throttle now, too!

That's what I posted: peonies!

Joanne Olivieri says

So delicate and spicy looking. I don't see many of these around here so it's exciting to stumble upon them on your blog.

Grace Olsson says

i like the shot..and the the flower to the left without it..

Jew Wishes says

You have captured their delicate beauty so wonderfully. The droplets add more contrasts and light to this lovely photo.

Yes, it is true re the African Daisies, and also purple ice plants.

Leora says

Thanks, I will keep the African daisies and purple ice plants in mind for next spring (or this coming fall, if I happen to have time to plan perennials in the fall).

Manang Kim says

One of the pretty flowers. Happy Sunday!

My Flowers

Gill says

that is such a pretty flower, I haven't seen those before.

Gill in Canada

Regina says

Delicate and dainty!

Sara says

These pretty flowers grow very well here where I live. I love the way they glow in the sunlight, looking so bright and cheerful.

Nonizamboni says

Such a lovely perennial--so easy on the eye! I like the pairing suggestion too.
Your photo is phenomenal, Leora.

Jill says

love that little flower !


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