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Guinea Pigs of Highland Park

vanilla cream guinea pig
We have three guinea pigs visiting us this summer. This is Vanilla Cream. I sometimes call her Vanilla Bean. We nicknamed her the Adventuress.

Apricot guinea pig
This one is named Apricot. She is a favorite of one of her owner’s daughters who is away at camp. She doesn’t move around quite as much as Vanilla Cream, her sister.

mama guinea pig
This is the Mama of Vanilla Cream and Apricot. I think her real name is Stickers, but we call her the Mama. We also refer to her as the protectress.

This post will be a clue to a question I plan to ask for Ruby Tuesday.

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ramblingwoods says

They are so sweet....I have never had them here as pets....

Robin from Israel says

What cuties (and I like the idea of pets that you can give back when you're done LOL).

Have a great 4th of July weekend!

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Ilana-Davita says

They are very cute, especially the younger ones. I am sure your daughter must be thrilled to have them at home.

Carletta says

The picture of Apricot is as cute as can be! You really captured a great expression.
Looking forward to your Ruby post. - is it something they like to eat that we might not realize? Just trying to imagine the question. :)

Leora says

Oooh, Carletta, love the anticipation of my RT challenge.

Dianne says

those are the kind of summer guests I prefer ;)

they have such sweet faces

Jew Wishes says

Such cuteness in their faces.

Carver says

They are so adorable. Look like they'd be easy to love.

jacob says

Yummy! But do they smell?

Leora says

Jacob, their poop smells a little. But the more often one cleans the cage, the lessy smelly it is.

I don't mind the smell. Better than many human odors.

My daughter actually doesn't like the smell of their hay.


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