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Apple for Ruby Tuesday

apple on a tree
Two weeks ago we went apple picking (at Terhune Orchards near Princeton, New Jersey), and I made a cake using this recipe (but without the nuts). I am planning to make an apple pie this week.

What do you like to make with apples?

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Ruby Tuesday

Patti V. says

Looks delicious! nice Ruby shot for the first day of autumn.

I should make an apple pie..I "used to" make a good one. ;-)

Ralph says

The fruit is lovely on a tree. Unlike at a supermarket, so often they are shiny and waxed to encourage its purchase. The apple seems a bit more honest up here, the natural and simple coloration and beauty is lovely. From a tiny blossom a juicy and ripe fruit grows up wonderfully...

Jew Wishes says

What a lovely photo with wonderful light and contrasts.

I love making apple pie.

Liza says

Apple crumble and Apple pie!

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Maria @ LSS says

Great capture. My kids love caramel apples.

Cafe au lait says

Great shot! Happy RT.

Robin from Israel says

That looks delicious! We're finally getting good apples again here too, yum.

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Ilana-Davita says

Two posts in one day; lucky you! I hope I'll manage one.
The photo is just beautiful.

Leora says

I wrote the other one yesterday. Actually, I wrote three posts yesterday. Seems to be the way for me to post and keep up with my work during the week.

Kim says

Love apples and apple pie. Lovely shot!
The cars

EG Wow says

OH, YUM! I took photos of crab apples this morning...but haven't posted them yet. :)

pagan sphinx says

Yummmm. Thanks for reminding me to go apple picking this weekend. :-)

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Dianne says

pretty apple
I really like the shadows on it

felisol says

I like to eat the apples fresh from the tree.
For dessert I make caramelized apples.
A beautiful picture, sadly reminding my that because of the cold spring, our apple tree did not bring any fruit this year.
Luckily the markets are flooding over with apples this time of the year.

I had a happy outcome of the pea and potato salad from last week.
I have written it down in my special recipebook.
Maybe I'll try the meatloaf too. I love basil.

Leora says

I have a recipe for millet - lemon millet with zucchini and carrots. I made it again last night - must write it up for the blog. Tasty!

chubskulit says

What a healthy Ruby!

My Ruby Tuesday

Jientje says

An apple straight from the tree, now that looks delicious!

Roxxy says

Aww apple picking, would love to experience this sometime..Have a good day! hope u could visit my page too!

Stephanie V says

The perfect apple just waiting to be made into a pie. My favorite is apple sauce.


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