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Nature Notes: Butterfly Gardens

monarch migration sign at butterfly garden in Washington, DC
As soon as we entered this small, two pathway long butterfly garden in Washington, DC, I thought of Rambling Woods and Nature Notes. How pretty were all the flowers in the garden!

butterfly garden in Washington, DC
The butterfly garden is near the National Gallery of Art and next to the Natural History Museum; both are on the National Mall.

butterfly bush
Despite all the butterfly-attracting flowers such as butterfly bushes, we didn’t see any butterflies. Perhaps the many people and cars and big, concrete buildings of Washington, DC scared them away?

cardinal flower
I am guessing this lovely red bloom is a cardinal flower.

butterfly at Mount Vernon
On the last day of our vacation we visited Mount Vernon, Virginia, home of President George Washington. There I spotted – a butterfly!

There is a lovely butterfly park in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Jew Wishes says

What lovely photos. And, look at the beautiful butterfly stopping to pose for you.

I love DC for so many reasons. History surrounds us at every corner.

Ilana-Davita says

Your photos are wonderful and I particularly like the butterfly one.
I once saw a documentary about "the great Monarch Migration" and found it fascinating.

annie says

Monarch butterflies used to converge on San Juan Capistrano regularly and almost to the day, from year to year. Sad how that spectacular event has become not so much. It's a strong signal of how delicately balanced nature is. Just a little bit of change and the butterflies are reduced and almost gone.

Carver says

What a beautiful sequence of shots from the gardens and lovely shot of the butterfly. I'm glad you finally saw one.

Denise says

Lovely photos Leora. I'm glad you finally got to see your butterfly.
An English Girl Rambles

Caron says

The photos are lovely. Isn't it so nice that you think of Nature Notes when you see such pretty things? I always think of it and I even mention it to people!

Squirrel says

Nice shots and such a beautiful butterfly.

ramblingwoods says

Oh I am so happy that you thought of me. I want to visit a butterfly conservatory that isn't too far from Buffalo...Lovely photos Leora.....I am going to try to look up your butterfly...Michelle

Leora says

Look forward to your possible id of my butterfly. It's not very big, is it?

EG Wow says

And what a gorgeous butterfly it is!

I saw very few butterflies LAST year but have seen quite a few red admiral, white admirals and monarchs this year, plus a few pearl crescents, American ladies and painted ladies.

But I have no idea what the butterfly you photographed is.