Washington DC

Watery U.S. Memorial

Pacific at World War II memorial
The World War II memorial across from the Lincoln Memorial in Washinton, D.C. is a wonderful, watery display.

New Jersey
Each state is featured on a post, with the Atlantic Ocean on a large pillar with arch at one end and the Pacific on the other. I found New Jersey.

fountain squint
My middle son, my daughter and I all had to look away from the camera as the sun was strong that day in August.

water detail
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Update: About the National WWII Memorial

Review with Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial in August 2010
Lincoln Memorial in August 2010

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Nature Notes: Butterfly Gardens

monarch migration sign at butterfly garden in Washington, DC
As soon as we entered this small, two pathway long butterfly garden in Washington, DC, I thought of Rambling Woods and Nature Notes. How pretty were all the flowers in the garden!

butterfly garden in Washington, DC
The butterfly garden is near the National Gallery of Art and next to the Natural History Museum; both are on the National Mall.

butterfly bush
Despite all the butterfly-attracting flowers such as butterfly bushes, we didn’t see any butterflies. Perhaps the many people and cars and big, concrete buildings of Washington, DC scared them away?

cardinal flower
I am guessing this lovely red bloom is a cardinal flower.

butterfly at Mount Vernon
On the last day of our vacation we visited Mount Vernon, Virginia, home of President George Washington. There I spotted – a butterfly!

There is a lovely butterfly park in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Agriculture Arches in Washington, DC

arches at Department of Agriculture
These arches are part of the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C. This shot was taken from 14th SW Street, close to the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

agriculture arch
This shot is taken from the opposite end (12th SW Street). The arches are one block away from the National Mall.

Washington D.C. could use some pedestrian bridges, with all the traffic and the many pedestrians. But nothing this big for pedestrians, please.

Update: more on the bridges between the buildings on Wikipedia

Smithsonian Garden

flowers at Smithsonian garden
We just came back from 4+ days in Washington, DC. I took many photos…I have some of the Washington Monument that are especially fun. I plan to do a post about our visit to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. I also have photos from our trip to Broadway the week before, to see West Side Story. On our last day we went to Mount Vernon, Virginia, the home of George Washington.

This is a pretty Smithsonian garden near the Air and Space Museum. Across the way is a butterfly garden (I have pictures of that, too).