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Agriculture Arches in Washington, DC

arches at Department of Agriculture
These arches are part of the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C. This shot was taken from 14th SW Street, close to the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

agriculture arch
This shot is taken from the opposite end (12th SW Street). The arches are one block away from the National Mall.

Washington D.C. could use some pedestrian bridges, with all the traffic and the many pedestrians. But nothing this big for pedestrians, please.

Update: more on the bridges between the buildings on Wikipedia

Bonjour Luxembourg says

I like very much your composition.These arches are beautiful!Thanks for the good memories that your post brings to us,we visited Washington DC in 2007, I'm enchanted by this lovely place.
Have a nice Sunday

Elisa says

Thanks for sharing that view!
Nice week end
Elisa, Argentina

Kaori says

I'm going to DC this fall so maybe I'll see this bridge! Great shot :D

Leora says

There is so much to see in Washington, DC! I highly recommend the International Spy Museum. There is wonderful art and science for free along the National Mall. And reserve tickets for the Washington Monument.

Francisca says

Interesting arches, Leora... but what is their purpose if not pedestrian overpass?

Leora says

Francisca, I believe they are for the workers of the Department of Agriculture to pass easily from one building to another. I couldn't find anything official about the arches, but I did find a page about the National Agricultural Library:

There is a little about the bridges on this Wikipedia post:

Jew Wishes says

Nice set of photographs and perspective.

VioletSky says

These are mighty imposing looking arches!

Ward Ella Turner says

One arch is the Knapp Arch named for my Gr Gr Grandfather Seaman A Knapp a giant in the development of agriculture in the South in the late 1800s & early 1900s


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