Symbols for Sweet New Year

Click on each thumbnail to find out more about the siman (symbol) of food that is eaten the first night of Rosh Hashana:
 carrot watercolor 
leek  apples
    dates in front of palm tree, watercolor on paper

Simanim for Rosh Hashana

Some people use the head of a lamb (that we be like the head and not as the tail). I now have a post on dates. And I may put out celery, for a raise in salary. Past post of simanim details here.

Here is a post from G6 of new fruit for the 2nd night of Rosh Hashana. I bought a sabra, a papaya, some fresh figs and a starfruit. The idea is you need a fruit that you haven’t eaten all year, so you can make the blessing called “shehiyanu.”

Did you get everything you need?

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