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Peacock Portrait – SOOC

peacock at the Philadelphia Zoo
It is fun to watch and photograph the wandering peacocks at the Philadelphia Zoo. The sad part is they eat the fast food (fried chicken, french fries) that people leave behind on the ground. I can’t imagine this is very healthy for the peacocks.

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Jan says

Wow, this is impressive. I can never catch 'em fast enough when we visit the zoo.

Leora says

The ones at the zoo are particularly slow. Not scared at all of humans.

Michelle says

Really junk food? I hope they get some game bird grower pellets too...beautiful bird...thank you posting a comment on my name post. I think your name is beautiful....funny how we come about these things. I forgot to post how my daughter got her first name....I have working on a blog book for my daughter and am sharing some of the posts on my main blog...lately I am feeling more mortal than at some other times...LOL....

You asked a while ago about golden rod. It grows wild along the wood edge and we don't cut ours down....

Snow Leopard says

Very nice portrait. We have a lot of peacocks around where I live. There are a lot of parks (not reserves or sanctuaries or zoos) and the peacocks nest there like all other birds. And they have now learned to live with human neighbours.

Gemma@Greyscale says

A stunning profile of this elegant bird! I am always enchanted by their irridescent colours!

Risa says


Ilana-Davita says

Are peacocks supposed to eat meat? Just wondering.
You have shown us a wonderful photo here. I like how the blue of its head and color are repeated in little dots in the blurred background.

Leora says

No idea (see Michelle's comment - "game bird grower pellets" - sounds like something they should eat), but I don't think anyone should eat french fries (one of my daughter's absolute favorite foods, sigh).

Janis says

LOL, so humans are not the only junk food lovers! Great shot, such a beautiful bird.

pip says

what a fabulous shot!

Lynn, Texas says

Super photo. I like watching peacocks too, not that I see many around rural Texas.

Nancy says

Such beautiful colors. I've had so many great visits to the Philadelphia Zoo. Love it there!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words says

Absolutely stunning!

Jew Wishes says

What a gorgeous shot of a gorgeous bird!

Yes, I can't imagine any food left at the zoo is healthy for them.

EG Wow says

Peacocks are such an amazing shade of blue!


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