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Red Flowers Red Panels

red mum buds
How pretty when the buds of my chrysanthemum start to show red. Last week, those buds were closed and green.

red petunia
This sole red petunia graces the front of my front yard. My other petunias are mostly fuchsia.

taking the sukkah down 2010
This is what the men in my family (my husband and two sons) were doing while I photographed fall flowers – they were taking down our sukkah, the temporary dwelling that we eat in for one week each fall. At this point, all the decorations were already down. The panels are sort of red – a brown that is a cousin of red, perhaps.

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Carletta says

The buds of your mums will be full blown before you know it. I love watching them unfold. Such little bursts of beauty!
My red hair has long been turning brown underneath so I'll go along with brown being a cousin of red. :)

felisol says

I think you posted a picture of your home made sukkah last fall. Didn't you?
I now see I have mixed the celebration of Sukkah with Yom Kippur.
Sukkah is in the old Norwegian Bible translated with "the feast of the foliage hall".In newer translations the word "hall" is replaced with "hut".

I can see that your Sukkah is like a large room.

Leora says

Here is the sukkah from last year, the one we gave away in favor of this larger one:

Indeed, it is like a room - some people sleep in their sukkah. We just eat in ours, and not if it is raining. Or thundering and lightning, as it was on our first night.

felisol says

I went back to last year's sukkah post. Your pictures and writings are making a difference.
If only a vague memory, it was confirmed this year. A good way of spreading information about culture, religion and people.
Keep up the good work.

Leora says

Felisol, I'm glad my postings are appreciated!

Rajesh says

Very beautiful flowers.

Robin from Israel says

Maya was just asking me today when people were planning on taking down their sukkahs, a bunch of the ones in our neighborhood are still up.

I love all your traditions for decorating yours with homemade decorations, it makes it so much warmer and homeier.

EG Wow says

The mum and petunia are beautiful reds. Thank you for sharing a little bit about your traditions, Leora. I'm always interested...yes always. :)

Michelle says

Beautiful flowers and handsome men...thank you so much for noticing what I did about my flower. I want to hang it on the wall...I loved the background.....Michelle

Leora says

Yes, Michelle, you have an eye for detail in nature... I have an eye for artistic compositions, which sometimes make use of nature!

Liza says

Beautiful blooms. Your son is handsome.

Cafe au lait says

Gorgeous flowers!

Ilana-Davita says

Thanks for sharing flowers and family sukkah. Did your son use to wear glasses?

Leora says

Observant of you! He started wearing them all the time after he realized he was squinting a little too much. When he first got them, he mostly wore them in the classroom.

Jew Wishes says

What red loveliness! Beautiful captures!
Thanks for showing us two handsome men!

Kim says

That what I like to have men in the house they do all the work. Happy Monday!
Ruby Red Tuesday

dianne says

the flowers are lovely
I like when they're just about to bloom

your son has a sweet shy smile :)

chubskulit says

Gorgeous flowers you have here!

My Ruby Tuesday

eden says

Beautiful red. I love to have chrysanthemum in my garden. Great photos.

Happy Ruby Tuesday

Ralph says

The red flowers are wonderful, as I am sensing the monochromatic leaves on the ground portend Winter to reappear soon. Red makes the ambient temperatures heat up just a bit.

The gentlemen in your home are thoughtful looking as they complete the chore together. What nice help to have around!

Auntie E says

Nicely photographed.
My Ruby Tuesday link for you

maryt/theteach says

Excellent RED post, Leora! :)

life ramblings says

great splashes of rubies. :)

Sandy from the Heart of Texas says

Lovely flowers in red! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Raven says

Nice shots. Flowers - except goldenrod - are pretty much gone where I live. Good men you have there.

Paz says

Oh, I love your red captures!

Happy RT day!


Carver says

Lovely flowers and a good shot of your husband and son.


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