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Thursday Challenge: Golden

Goldenrod growing by the Raritan River in Central New Jersey

Goldenrod was growing by the Raritan River near Rutgers Gardens. Goldenrod is blamed for allergies, but that’s because it blooms at the same time as ragweed.

Thursday Challenge theme is GOLDEN (Jewelry, Coins, Sun, Leaves, Fields, Hair,…).

Next Week: MESSY (Children, Rooms, Garage, Yard, Disorganized, Hair,…)

Jidhu Jose says

Nice shot.
check my blogs :

Indrani says

Love the DOF here.
Beautiful flower, but for the allergies it is known to cause.

Ilana-Davita says

Beautiful choice.

Risa says

lovely photo and creative interpretation

Denise says

A lovely photo. It is a very pretty flower. Have a great weekend Leora.

Grace Olsson says


I love Africa. I would like to live there. I do not live without AFRICA.
My granparents came from there and part of my story was born there
In Africa, I lived special moments.
thanks for your comment

Leora says

Grace, and how wonderful of you to share some of your story with us. I'd like to hear more about your grandparents and your trip to Africa.

Rita aka Cashjocky says

Your photo today has solved a mystery. I visited Oklahoma recently and brought back a cutting of a yellow flower that was growing wild all along the roadways there, because I could not identify it.

I tried it and it has been sitting on my desk ever since so that I could research it. You just did the work for me. Thank you.

I appreciate your visit and lovely comment. Thanks for stopping by.

Jew Wishes says

You make this hardy plant look so delicate in your beautiful capture.

Michelle says

Pretty photos and you're right about people confusing it with ragweed....I hope my plants survive the winter..I have another bed to plant next spring..This is all very new and exciting to me...Michelle..

Leora says

You have goldenrod, Michelle? So interesting, to have it one's garden. I think of it as a forest or field plant.


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