Art Show Children

paper airplanes
Two of my children have paintings on display at the Highland Park Public Library in November. These are not the ones in this post; my son, who did the paper airplane landscape above, has tall, surrealistic pencils on display.

ice cream sundae
My daughter has fuchsia flowers painted on a bright blue background at the library. The ice cream painting above may look familiar to loyal blog readers; yes, the students copied were inspired by my painting of ice cream from last spring. Thanks for coming up with that flattering idea, Jill Caporlingua, and for being a devoted, creative and energetic art teacher.

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3 thoughts on “Art Show Children

  • Two nice works of art, for different reasons. I like how your daughter has used colors and the perspective in your son’s painting.
    Will we get to see the paintings which are exhibited?

    • I would have to take them out of the frames and photograph them – I’m not sure if I am going to do that.

      These two may be in a different art show soon – Jill has connections at a local theater that will be having a children’s month, and she may be able to display their art there.

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