Mount Vernon River and Red Shirt

man in red shirt outside Mount Vernon, Virginia
Last summer we visited Mount Vernon, Virginia, home of George Washington. The estate is now an educational tourist attraction, and I learned all about how wonderful George Washington was, which left me feeling – could the man do nothing wrong? It is certainly important that instead of grabbing power and declaring himself king, as he could have since he had control of the army, he just said I’ll be president for 8 years and then I’m done. He also let free his slaves after he died, but one friend pointed out, that was after he no longer needed them. My son, who is studying AP American History this year, said he wasn’t a very good general, or else his army wouldn’t have been in such sorry shape when they were about to cross the Delaware. He was a good speaker, and so he roused them up for that one more important battle.

The photo shows the outside of his home facing the Potomac River. A man in a red shirt conveniently was surveying the scene just so I could use this for Ruby Tuesday:
Ruby Tuesday

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