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Mount Vernon River and Red Shirt

man in red shirt outside Mount Vernon, Virginia
Last summer we visited Mount Vernon, Virginia, home of George Washington. The estate is now an educational tourist attraction, and I learned all about how wonderful George Washington was, which left me feeling – could the man do nothing wrong? It is certainly important that instead of grabbing power and declaring himself king, as he could have since he had control of the army, he just said I’ll be president for 8 years and then I’m done. He also let free his slaves after he died, but one friend pointed out, that was after he no longer needed them. My son, who is studying AP American History this year, said he wasn’t a very good general, or else his army wouldn’t have been in such sorry shape when they were about to cross the Delaware. He was a good speaker, and so he roused them up for that one more important battle.

The photo shows the outside of his home facing the Potomac River. A man in a red shirt conveniently was surveying the scene just so I could use this for Ruby Tuesday:
Ruby Tuesday

Harry Snowden says

I really love this. I like the shirt as the only red element in the image but in general, it is pastoral poetry

kramer says

Colorful splash, thoughtful words.

Maria @ LSS says

Perfect for the theme. Happy Ruby.

Mine's here.

Ilana-Davita says

It is a very good photo. I wouldn't mind living on an estate with such a view!
Thanks for sharing bits of history with us. I suppose that even the greatest statesmen (or women) have their foibles.

Leora says

It reminded me a little of how the Patriarchs are discussed - each has their strengths and weaknesses. But at the Mount Vernon estate, I felt they seemed more comfortable with stating George's strengths.

EG Wow says

That's interesting that Washington may not have been a very good general! I guess some of our "super-heroes" weren't really that super. :) But I'm sure he did way better than I would have done.

Leora says

"I’m sure he did way better than I would have done" - totally true for me as well!

Ralph says

GW may not have been a great military tactician, yet he was truly a leader of the Continental Army. Crossing the Delaware to Trenton, he must have been a great motivator - which bore fruit when the Hessians were captured on Christmas day. We have the propensity to look at the past through modern eyes - sometimes we have to imagine life in those days before commenting further...

Lovely views from the veranda!

Leora says

Yes, that was the word I was look for: "motivator." It seems that was one of his major strengths, motivating the American soldiers and the Americans in general.

Hootin' Anni says

Ohhhhhhhhhh, so very picturesque!!!

My RT Link

Hope you can stop by for a visit!

Eileen says

What a lovely view, I have been on the opposite side of the river but never Mt Vernon. Thanks for sharing.

Rinkly Rimes says

The red shirt highlights the view. As for George, I'm sure he was a mixture of good and bad. If someone ever speaks my obituary I hope they are honest enough to ay 'She was middling.'

Pam says

Very nice picture. I've been there once, but that was eons ago.

DrillerAA says

Nicely composed. Very well done indeed.

annie says

What a lucky shot to have the red shirt walking into the picture like that. I've never seen Mt. Vernon and only seen pictures of facing the home. I had no idea it looked out of the Potomac. What a view.

Auntie E says

Lovely photo. I like the peacefulness portrayed in the scene.

Jew Wishes says

Great shot! The man adds so much mood to the beautiful capture.

Paz says

i love that the man was there in his red shirt for the perfect RT opportunity.



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