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Nature Notes: Foliage and Flora

One would think, the closer you get to a tree the more sharply one can see the beautiful foliage. Last week I discovered that when I got close to a beautifully red, yellow and orange leafed maple, the leaves that were against the blue sky already looked damaged and faded, while the ones closer to the trunk were still vibrant, colorful and youthful.

maple tree trunk
Close to the tree trunk, the colors range from yellow to bright red.

sky maple leaves
Further from the base of the tree, the leaves are darker and browned at the edges.

Since Michelle invited the animals to her Thanksgiving feast, I am inviting the few flowers left in my yard: the chrysanthemum, the marigolds, white alyssum, rudbeckia and petunias.
rudbeckia and marigolds
I am happy the marigolds have been able to withstand some of the frosty nights we have experienced. A few rudbeckia are trying to bloom in late November.

chrysanthemum bud - little flower among brown leaves
Most of my mum flowers have browned, but a few stragglers bloomed late and decorate my yard.

kale in front of marigolds
My kale experiment is going well. The kale I planted in August from seed is gracefully adorning my front yard. The kale in the back, however, seems to be a Thanksgiving feast for some animals, as it is nibbled away.

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Mrs. S. says

Gorgeous shots! Thanks for sharing them.

As someone who now lives in an, um, "autumn-challenged" country, I especially enjoyed the first picture... :-)

Leora says

“autumn-challenged” - that made me smile. Feel free to come visit anytime this fall. I hope your also rain-challenged country gets some rain, so your flora will be happy, too.

Batya says

The top picture is totally extraordinary!

Ilana-Davita says

I also really like your top photo.
I have had very little time for blogging this week - too much time away on various meetings in the past two weeks - but I am glad to read what others share.

Carver says

The photographs are very beautiful. I like seeing plants, flowers, trees, and leaves at all stages from first flush of color to when they are almost done. I just finished eating some kale with my Thanksgiving dinner. I used to grow it but haven't lately. Your mentioning it as well as enjoying it as part of a feast reminds me that maybe next fall I should grow some again. Happy Thanksgiving.

Michelle says

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family Leora...I love how you invited the plants and flowers. I can't believe how much color you still have, but of course we are colder up here. I wonder why the color is better closer to the bark. Now I am wondering if I can find out why...I love the look of the kale....Michelle

Leora says

I guess the leaves fade first at the edges - I got a little closer to the tree later last week, and it no longer looked so pretty near the bark.

EG Wow says

I'm surprised to see how much is still growing in New Jersey! The leaves are still so lovely!

Leora says

These photos were from over a week ago - so the trees have lost a lot in that week.


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