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Red Leaves on Pavement

red leaves on pavement
The fun of the colorful foliage season for a photographer is to achieve a new way of looking at the rampant hues of autumn.

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As some of you may be cooking this week, I plan to post a few recipes and links to recipes.

Ilana-Davita says

Very artistic.
As some of you may be cooking this week, I plan to post a few recipes and links to recipes.
As I do not have a maid that will do it for me, I am looking forward to reading (and hopefully trying) your recipes.

felisol says

What a clever and original way to catch the beauty of fall.
The color, shadow, perspective and depth make a stunning composition.
I'd like to hang it on my wall.
However I do wonder; did you have to lay flat on the asphalt to make this special shot? If so, it was sure worth the while.

Leora says

Yes, I did crouch down to take the shot. No big deal for me.

Glad you like it!

Jew Wishes says

Nice perspective in this lovely capture.

Denise says

Oh that's such a lovely photo, I like taking photos of leaves and you have a great angle on this one. Thanks for stopping by Leora and your kind words were very much appreciated. Have a great week.

Ralph says

The ruby is fading while on the ground. Compared to most fallen leaves, these still have some of the ruby glory they possessed when still on the tree...

Magical Mystical Teacher says

unyielding pavement
cradling fallen autumn leaves—

Leora says

Thanks for the poem!

DrillerAA says

Very nicely captured.
Happy RT

dianne says

really pretty Leora!
I love the soft blur, works beautifully with the strong colors

Pat says

Very pretty photo! We had a lovely autumn here in the NE this year!

carolyUSA says

Autumn leaves look beautiful no matter where they fall! A few, a single or a tree full are always a treat for the eyes.

Meri at Meri's Musings and Playing Along says

Very pretty autumnal reds for Ruby Tuesday. Thanks for your comments about the mask -- since you love color, you'd love Anado's house and studio. It's a color blitz!

Liz says

Beautifully done. Happy RT!

My Ruby links:
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Rachel says

Did you lie down to take that picture!?

Lovely hues - so autumnal!

Leora says

"Did you lie down to take that picture!?"
I suppose I got rather low. It wasn't difficult. The hard part was my daughter wanted me to pay attention to her instead of taking photos.

Manang Kim,USA says

Such beautiful autumn foliage. A lovely composition!

Robin from Israel says

Beautiful colors. I miss fall foliage.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Leora says

I would send you some fall leaves, wrapped in protective cooler, but I'm afraid the Israeli government would tax you prohibitively just for the gesture. ;-)

Paz says

the beautiful leaves on the ground make it look so much special.


EG Wow says

This is a wonderful shot, Leora. You have captured the essence of autumn.

ellen b says

That is a wonderful shot Leora!

Michelle says

I like the angle on the one leaf as a nice contrast to the seem to notice the same types of things that I do... Interesting..

Regarding all the butterflies. I have a butterfly bush and I sit and watch and get to take photos. It is the best place to catch the butterflies...


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