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Chanukah is Long Over

shamash bends and drips because of oil lights underneath
Chanukah is over, but I still have photos to share. My husband’s chanukiah has a spot for the shamash, the candle helper that lights the oil wicks underneath. It was nice that the chanukiah was built with a place for a candle, but did the designer have to put the candle directly above the oil cups so every year it bends over like this? It would have made more sense to put the candle holder on the side, although it would take away from the chanukiah’s “classic” look.

G6 says

I've submitted to JPIx, but feel free to take anything else you liked.... my blog was pretty "photo heavy" this past Chanukah ;) (thanks to you too!)

Leora says

I already picked some from your blog... it will be fun to see if your picks match my picks... Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Ilana-Davita says

I can't remember whether I have submitted posts but guess I haven't.

Robin from Israel says

I've got a bunch in too but feel free to grab anything else you like as well.

I don't know about your candles there in the US but it seemed like mine were particularly drippy this year.

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Jew Wishes says

Such a beautiful capture, very illuminating in many aspects.


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