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Nature Notes: Cardinals and Rain

cardinal in December
Yesterday it rained and then it poured and then it drizzled. During one of the drizzles, I spotted a cardinal pecking away at my compost. I ran to get my camera, and when I came back, it was in this small tree.

flaps away
Almost as soon as I saw it, the cardinal flapped away.

In contrast to all the rain we got on the East Coast, Israel has been having a very dry, dry spell. Here’s a photo from our 2008 trip to the Dead Sea:
dead sea

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Update: Jameel on the tragic fire raging in the Haifa region of Israel

Carver says

Great shots of the cardinals and also good of Israel. When there isn't enough rain it does become a blessing to get it although too much isn't great either.

Ilana-Davita says

We are having lots of snow all over the country but I can't complain as we have not been badly hit here compared to other areas.

Michelle says

Love seeing a cardinal as I don't see them every day here...I saw on the news that there is a terrible fire in Israel with loss of's sad....Michelle

Leora says

Yes, I believe it was mainly people trapped on a bus in the fire in the Carmel area. It's dangerous, not having rain. I read about it after I wrote this post.


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