Nature Notes: Cardinals and Rain

cardinal in December
Yesterday it rained and then it poured and then it drizzled. During one of the drizzles, I spotted a cardinal pecking away at my compost. I ran to get my camera, and when I came back, it was in this small tree.

flaps away
Almost as soon as I saw it, the cardinal flapped away.

In contrast to all the rain we got on the East Coast, Israel has been having a very dry, dry spell. Here’s a photo from our 2008 trip to the Dead Sea:
dead sea

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Update: Jameel on the tragic fire raging in the Haifa region of Israel

4 thoughts on “Nature Notes: Cardinals and Rain

  • Great shots of the cardinals and also good of Israel. When there isn’t enough rain it does become a blessing to get it although too much isn’t great either.

  • Love seeing a cardinal as I don’t see them every day here…I saw on the news that there is a terrible fire in Israel with loss of life…it’s sad….Michelle

    • Yes, I believe it was mainly people trapped on a bus in the fire in the Carmel area. It’s dangerous, not having rain. I read about it after I wrote this post.

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