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Nature Notes: Snowstorm 2010

blue jay on the fence
This is a lovely blue jay I photographed about one week before the storm. And this is the post I wrote last week about a calf, a swallow and the winds, but I never hit publish until Monday morning, right before going out to shovel.
rose hips
Here are rose hips during the early hours of the storm on Sunday afternoon.

stormy street December 26, 2010
Our street during the snowstorm
stormy street in the early morning of December 27
Our street the next morning – lots to shovel

tree in storm
My neighbor’s tree
day after the storm
Piles of snow one day later

I’m so grateful I live in a tiny little borough that plows its streets. Yay to everyone in Borough Hall or the Department of Public Works who ensures that this happens!

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EG Wow says

I see you really got dumped on! I hope it melts quickly. :)

Michelle says

Wow..that is a lot of snow. I have been following it on TV having hubby's family in NJ and it is a mess. I love the photo of the blue jay. I hope that most of the holiday travelers can get home soon. What a mess....Michelle

Carver says

Wow, that's a lot of snow. Lovely shot of the blue jay. So much of the country got hit by storms this week.

Vicki says

Winter is in full swing in your part of the country, isn't it. Hope you can stay in and keep warm.

Leora says

Vicki, I love snow! I finally have a reason to go outside. My daughter and I have talked about building a little sledding hill in the backyard (wish we had time to do so).

Robin from Israel says

That is one heck of a snowstorm. I so don't miss shoveling when I look at photos like this ;)...

Stay warm and dry, and happy new year too.

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Ilana-Davita says

I had missed this post somehow. Snow is wonderful until it starts to melt. We have had lots of it too (not as much as you folks though) and more is expected next week.
Thanks for sharing the pretty pictures.

Rachel says

What a great mini photo-story! You did get a great deal! I hope that snow that Ilana Davita mentions doesn't make its way across the Channel to us...

Shabbat Shalom!

Jew Wishes says

What wonderful captures, thanks for sharing.

I love the back of the blue jay, and love the rose hips photo. I love them all, actually, but you know what I mean. LOL

We had snow here, yesterday, in SoCA.


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