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Thursday Challenge: Construction

construction paper amusement park
Thursday Challenge theme is CONSTRUCTION (Houses, Streets, Commercial, Equipment, Vehicles,…).

I was going to do the house nearby that was wrapped last spring; but I went to photograph it, and I found the photos a bit dull. See result at the bottom of this post. So instead, here is a construction paper amusement park. It was created by my daughter when she had a “do what you want” day in her school art class.

construction paper amusement park with books behind

house unwrapped
See how the house looked “wrapped.” See how it looked with a mere wooden frame.

magiceye says

loved your take on the theme!!

Ilana-Davita says

Your daughter has a lot of imagination and talent.
I agree with you that even though it is big, the house looks a bit dull.

Batya says

lovely art work

Jidhu Jose says


Mrs. S. says

That house seemed very big during the construction stages, but now it looks massive!

“do what you want” day
My daughter used to complain about the art class in school, because the art teacher would tell them exactly what they "had" to do. But this year, she's taking an afterschool drawing class and absolutely loves it, because this teacher lets her pick what - and how - to draw.

lazyclick says

Superb art.


Interesting capture! :)
standing out of the crowd i must say.

Jew Wishes says

Great photos! I remember the house, before wrapping and after.


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