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our street in the early morning
Our street early in the morning, January 12

And in New Jersey we have: snow! What a surprise (not). I decided to travel around the world via blogs and see what the weather is like elsewhere.

dog in the flooding rain
In Australia, on Gemma’s
blog – flooding
creek in Canada
In Canada, EG Wow – snowy creek
park in France in December 2010
In France, Ilana-Davita –
cold, snowy park
exercise park in Israel
In Israel, Batya – blue skies

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Ilana-Davita says

What a fantastic idea! Thanks for including my photo.
On the sad anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, we are so lucky to have had only snow to complain about. I also feel sorry for the people in Australia.

Leora says

Yes, the situation in Australia doesn't sound pretty.

I felt I had nothing new to say about nature, but then somehow I came up with this idea.

Jew Wishes says

Your photo is lovely. How nice to include other photographers captures.

Mrs. S. says

Gorgeous shot! I especially like the contrast of the pinkish sky and the bluish-white snow.

And I love your global weather survey! :-)

Leora says

It's cheaper than airfare. And no security checks.

Mrs. S. says

LOL! :-)

Carver says

What a great idea to show us what it's like around the world. Your world looks like a winter wonderland.

Jennifer says

Thanks for the quick tour around the world. I think I'll take the snow over the flooding.

Jill says

good call - doesn't look like that street is in good shape for driving! we were supposed to get 8 inches in Mississippi...was pretty excited about it but it ended up being one inch of slush instead - boring!

Leora says

My husband drove at work at 10 am - it was no big deal, he said. They cleaned the streets and highways in our part of New Jersey fast.

EG Wow says

Your snow looks like my snow, that's for sure. Actually, you may have just as much as I have...but yours will melt faster. :)

Carletta says

Hi Leora,
I've been in and out of blogland for a couple of months now and was happy to see your visit today. :)
I've just returned from my daughters and lots of snow. We had 14 inches there Christmas night and I've come home to five inches here. It has snowed all day. As long as I don't have to go out I LOVE it!
Your street is indeed very winter like and lovely.
I'm off to visit some of the blogs you've highlighted - interesting mix of weather.

srp says

The flooding in Australia is horrible... and rain since the first of November is what the weather channel said. As for here... we got a bit of ice, but not like Christmas night and the 26th for sure. Still, in one spot on some brick steps there is still a very, very slick layer of clear ice. That spot doesn't get much sun in the winter and temperatures didn't help.

Mama Zen says

What a cool idea!

Arija says

I'll swap our floods for your white winter any day!

Marvin says

Thanks for the tour. As you said "It’s cheaper than airfare. And no security checks." :-)

Here in the Ozarks we didn't get so much snow, but colder than normal temperatures have made it slow to melt despite several days of sunshine.

Michelle says

What a wonderful idea Leora....I enjoyed the trip around the blogosphere......sorry you have had such a challenging winter...stay warm...Michelle

Leora says

Actually, I'm quite enjoying all the snow. I get depressed when we have cold and no snow. Love all the pretty white flakes falling like a carpet.

I also don't get cold easily, but I do get overheated very easily.

Vicki says

How original and creative! Great idea! Wish I were in New Zealand ...

Jane says

Wow, I'm famous! I'm on Leora's blog. Thanks for the link Leora. Dear Vicki, the photo Leora shows from my blog was taken on 25th December, and was UNUSUAL for Wellington. We are just waiting for Cyclone Vania to hit and have a delightful weather system heading up from Antarctica. So we are going to be the sandwich filling in the middle. I am thanking God for my new roof!

Leora says

Oh, that's too bad (about the bad weather upcoming). Here I thought Wellington was the height of the most beautiful weather in the world. Or something like that.

I'm glad you are so enjoying your fame.


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