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Philadelphia Zoo Bridge

Philadelphia Zoo rhinoceros painting
Last October we passed this rhinoceros painting under the bridge next to the Philadelphia Zoo.

bridge near Philadelphia Zoo
Here is the outside of the bridge with animal paintings.

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Genie says

Leora....Thanks for your visit. We have some lovely grafitti art here in our little town of Lexington. These pieces are really nice....very well down. I am so glad you shared them as I am always interested in seeing the positive changes art can make to a landscape. Nice photography.

Leora says

I don't think this is graffiti, but thank you all the same!

sara says

We made a wrong turn trying to get back to NJ from the zoo once, went across that bridge and got stuck in a maze of one way streets that had me swearing never to drive in Philly again.

Very cool shot, though!

Leora says

We got stuck in traffic on the way there... five minutes to the zoo took more than half an hour. My husband agrees about Philly traffic.

Ebie says

Those murals are eye catching. I have been fascinated with wall murals in our Arts District here.

cieldequimper says

Hey that's really nice! Makes it so much more interesting!

Wayne says

I know that area well! Lots of great photographic subjects, but the neighborhood can be a little rough.

tanya says

i just love those paintings on the bridge!

Carver says

What a fun bridge. I love the paintings on it.

Ilana-Davita says

The first shot could belong to an art gallery. Nice shots.

Rayna Eliana says

What a nice capture of creativity, color and contrasts, and wonderful texture blends.

Louis la Vache says

Many of the areas below freeway overcrossings in Oakland are painted. Carolyn at Oakland Daily Photo often chronicles them.

«Louis» was out all day Sunday and unable to visit those who contributed to Sunday Bridges. Belatedly, he thanks you for your contribution.


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