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Snowy Sepia Rudbeckia

snowy rudbeckia in sepia
I love photographing rudbeckia (black-eyed susans); they are like sculptures in the winter snow. To achieve the see-through border, I added a 9px stroke to the Photoshop layer that had the sepia effect. Since the layer had an opacity lower than 100%, the border is also transparent. The default stroke effect is a bright red color; using the eye-dropper tool, I selected a color from within the photograph for the border.

anemonen,Swe says

You got a lot of snow too I see. Flowers can be beautiful even in the winter.

Louis la Vache says

Nice effect!

kramer says

Quite a dazzling effect in a muted way. Winter weather photographs always intrigue me.

annie says

I like the way the Susans popped against the muted background. In any weather, they give off a happy vibe.

Ilana-Davita says

I like this! It seems you have just found this snapshot in an old box.

Jew Wishes says

How lovely in sepia. Dandelion puffs would look good with this filtering.

Jidhu Jose says

nice sepia

Mona Sweden says

I like the tones. The snow looks like sugar.

Leora says

I like that description of the snow like sugar.

Ralph says

These are quite delicate! The feeling seems to be delicate: crystal stemware or an exquisite ceramic. What we see in sepia is artistry, indeed...

Carver says

They are so lovely with their snow caps on and I like the sepia effect created.

Sherrie says

Very pretty. One of my favorite flowers. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Lisa says

Nice shot!


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