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Hollyhocks and Petunias

hollyhock at Longstreet Farm
Hollyhocks looked lovely last summer at Longstreet Farm.

up close petunias
Red petunias scrambled across my front lawn in August 2010.

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Luna Miranda says

they are both stunning...very pretty colors.

Rose says

Very beautiful!

My flowers for today, have a blessed Sunday!

guild-rez says

Very pretty summer flowers!!
Lovely pictures!!

Dew Drops says

Beautiful! Great colours of the flowers.

Carver says

The hollyhocks and petunia are both so beautiful. Fun we both looked back at August this week.

Leora says

I haven't done Today's Flowers in a long time - but for some reason I needed to look at flowers today.

SandyCarlson (USA) says

Delightful! Your shots are gorgeous. I am glad you joined us today.

Carletta says

The hollyhock shot is beautiful!
I had some seeds to plant and forgot last fall. I'm still going to try. I'm not a gardener so I hope they grow.

Rayna Eliana says

What absolute beauties!

Ilana-Davita says

I haven't done Today's Flowers for ages either. I agrre with Carletta: the first shot is beautiful.

Carolina Mts says

Nice to see some color this time of year.

kitty says

I love those soft, dusky pinks - they have lifted my mood!


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